10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires

10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina has many appealing features for tourists. Admire Recoleta’s elegant and classic architecture. Enjoy Palermo’s plethora of designer shops. Have a nice glass of wine under the plane trees. Buenos Aires offers a laid-back way of leaving that most tourist fall in love with.

Want to make the most of  your visit to Buenos Aires? Here is a list of 10 things to do in Buenos Aires:

1- Shop at Palermo Soho

The neighborhood used to be a true Soho. It has now become a lot more mainstream, but it still has an undeniable charm. Admire Argentinean great taste for fashion and decoration. Our extra tip: find Paul, a elegant commercial gallery almost invisible from the street (on Gorriti St.)

2- Test the best author’s cuisine at Tegui

Restaurant magazine awarded this chef restaurant with the 1st place in Argentina. Decoration is very modern (check out the waiters’ uniforms) and food is delicious.

3- Have a day trip to Tigre

Tigre is a small town only 20 miles away from Buenos Aires. You will discover a charming scenery of wonderful streams and islands. Take a boat (lancha colectivo) to El Gato Blanco, one of the best restaurants in the area. After lunch, take a walk around the restaurant’s island or rent a kayak.

4- Go to San Telmo Sunday fair

San Telmo is Buenos Aires oldest neighbourhood. It is a well-preserved colonial area full of beautiful buildings, cafés, tango parlors, antiques shops and street artists. Visit the neighborhood on Sunday. An immense street market covers the district.

5- See a Polo Match

World major polo tournaments are played in Argentina. The most important one, Palermo Polo Open, usually takes place in November. You will be thrilled by this fast-paced game and amazed by the agility of both players and ponies.

6- Visit Fundación PROA

Next to famous Caminito in La Boca area is Fundación PROA, one of the best modern art foundations in Latin America. Past exhibitions include works from Alberto Giacometti, Louise Bourgeois and Marcel Duchamp. Also have a drink at the roof-top cafeteria. The view on the Riachuelo (river) and La Boca area is unbeatable.

7- Have a bike tour in Bosques de Palermo

Bosques de Palermo – Palermo Woods – are one of the best place in Buenos Aires to jog or bike. The park was designed by famous French architect Charles Thays. Try to dodge the ducks and gooses.

8- Enjoy a pizza in El Cuartito.

Pizzerias are a part of Buenos Aires sceneries. Porteña’s pizza has three characteristic elements: a lot of mozzarella, a thicker dough and the presence of many toppings. El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937) s one of the most traditional pizzerias in the city, with a simple and nostalgic atmosphere.

9- See a Tango Show

Tango music and dance are an important element of Argentinean culture. You must see or listen to at least one tango concert while in Buenos Aires. Centro Cultural Borges, in the city center, offers some reasonably priced shows. Also try Señor Tango in Barracas for more grandiose productions.

10- Eat a good asado (meat barbecue)

Argentinean beef meet is renowned for its great taste and incredible tenderness. If you do not have the chance to be invited by a Argentinean friend to try a homemade asado, head for one of the many parrillas (steakhouses). Our recommendation: Lo de Jesús in Palermo (Gurruchaga 1406)

The author, Aurélia Monnier, works for Palo Santo Hotel Buenos Aires, a green and design hotel in Palermo Hollywood. She also holds a blog about Buenos Aires.

photo by: alq666

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