10 Things You Should Never Forget When Traveling


Packing your things in preparation for a holiday may not be as simple as jumping in, and off a plane, a cruise ship or a train. When packing your shoes for that trip to Europe for instance, you may find it rewarding to know that the Spanish and the Italians frown upon white tennis shoes, Birkenstocks and Crocs. Keep local attitudes, social and religious customs in mind to help you blend in well in your new environment. To achieve these, you need a check-list of things that you should not leave behind whenever you are travelling.


Travel Documents and their Photocopies


You require a passport to travel abroad and it is also necessary to confirm whether the country you are visiting requires you to have a visa. Carrying photocopies of your passport can help you verify your citizenship and obtain a temporary passport from your embassy should you lose the passport while abroad. It is not advisable to carry additional identification material such as your Social Security card or your library card when you travel. For more on this click here.


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Maps, Guide books and Phrase Books


Maps, guidebooks, phrase books and even a compass have for years been known to be significant tools in any journey. While at your destination, you need to know where you are and where you are headed even without the help of GPRS gadgets which may fail owing to poor signal or low battery power. Phrase books spice up your journey and broaden your ability to speak in local dialects or slung, making it possible to experience exotic cultures in memorable style and ambiance.

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Mobile Phone


Though you may not see the value of having your mobile phone, especially during a long distance journey, it is advisable to take a mobile phone with you. This is because you may need to call a friend or a member of your family to pick you up at the airport upon jetting back. In addition to this, your phone may carry numbers and email addresses that you may require for professional, social or security reason while on your holiday. And who can forget that a lot of the modern smartphone can be used to take photos.

Universal Plug Adapter


Nothing is more infuriating than to get to your dream destination only to find that you are not able to charge your phone, laptop or plug in your blow dryer. Note that, different countries use sockets with different dimensions and voltage capacity hence, taking a universal plug adapter with you is an idea that should never escape your mind.


A Camera


Whether you are a photographer or not, going on a trip without a camera is like walking into an academic classroom without the brains you require to capture, and store information. Ensure that the camera you choose has the right specifications. If you intend to take photos from a moving train or bus for instance, ensure that the camera’s speed, zoom power and white balance features are befitting.


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If you are under prescribed medication, then this should be amongst the first things to pack. If not, it is advisable to carry some pain relieving and anti-diarrhea medication as you are likely to have a taste of a cuisine that your stomach is less use to or experience a headache as a result of a long journey.

Source of Entertainment


Books and MP3 players come to play when you think of things that can entertain you during a long bus or taxi ride in a foreign country. Reading a good book and listening to the music of your choice lowers anxiety and calms you down, setting in the tranquility you require to enjoy your trip.


Get the Right Clothes Shades and Sunscreen


The American Cancer Society or ACS, for short, advises that you should get cloths with UV protection factor, UPF, to protect you from harmful sun rays if you are visiting hot climate areas. You can pair the UV cloths with shades and sunscreen to offer you protection from harmful sun rays that may cause cancer of the skin.


A Photograph of Your Luggage


After packing your belongings, it is a good idea to take a photo of your bag, suitcase or backpack. This may sound less significant but it may come in handy should the luggage personnel or systems misplace your bags at the airport.

Personal and Financial Safety


Obtain the right and best travel insurance policy to guarantee you health and personal safety during the trip. Travel insurance policies cover you against weather, bankruptcy, strike, injuries and ailments, making them a must if you are looking for full cover.


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