4 Basic Tips to Find a Cheaper Flight

Everywhere in the world, people feel the crisis that grip over their country’s economy. Most of the tourism industry around the world is either slowing down or becoming stagnant. Some of our favorite distant shores are suffering greatly as the western world shuns expensive holidays in favor of long weekends locally or camping trips. However, if you still yearn to set foot on foreign soil, there is nothing to stop you bagging a bargain flight, if you know the right places to look.

Many airlines are struggling to offer the amazing flight deals they used to be able to due to rising fuel costs, increased taxes and a general slowdown in turnover. All this means that travel deals may not come as often as they had been before, one thing for sure is that they still exist.

Find the tips below that may help you find the best travel deals.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

The price of your flight will be highly influenced by when you travel. If you travel in Europe during August, the holiday season, then you are sure to pay several times more than you would if you travelled in the spring. Flight costs can also vary depending on the day of the week which you travel. Travel demand tends to be higher on the weekends, so if you can travel midweek then you are more likely to secure a bargain seat.

Be Flexible with your Destinations

If you just have to be in LA on a certain date, then you will almost certainly pay the price for your inflexibility. However, if you are just looking for a vacation in Europe or a skiing holiday in the north, then flexibility on where exactly you end up could pay dividends. As well as this, it is often worth checking out how much it costs to fly to a minor airport nearby and then catch a bus or train to your final destination. Taxes at smaller airports are sometimes less and can therefore be great value if you can secure a bargain onward connection.

Book Early

Far from the lastminute.com ethos of recent years, actually you can often pick up an amazing deal by booking as early as possible. Bargain basement airlines like EasyJet and Co will usually release a certain number of seats at a ridiculously low price, so they can claim that their flights are offered ‘from’ a certain level. Book as soon as the flight is announced to secure the airlines loss leading seats.

Join Mailing Lists

As much as you like to keep your inbox free from clutter, signing up for some of the airlines newsletters can often mean you get advance notice of sales, reductions and late deals on seats. As well as this consider signing up for TravelZoo and other bargain hunter’s e-shots to get the best deals on the internet delivered straight to your inbox.

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