4 Great Restaurants to Visit in Barcelona

Many travelers rank Barcelona as one of the 20 best cities in the world to visit. There are many reasons the city is worth visiting. Barcelona’s food is known all over the world.

Most of the food served in Barcelona is Catalan, meaning that it originated from Catalonia (a region in the northeastern region of Spain). There are a number of wonderful restaurants throughout the city that are worth trying. It can be very difficult to make a decision, so I have provided a list of some great places you might want to check out.

Passadis Del Pep

Barcelona.com ranks Passadis as the single best restaurant in the city. That is a matter of opinion, but the restaurant is certainly one of a kind. One of the unique features of Passadis Del Pep is that it doesn’t have any menus. The concept left me scratching my head for a while. However, the restaurant offers a number of new cuisines every day.

The chefs will serve the freshest foods they have on hand that day. You don’t have to worry about guessing what menu item will provide the best quality. Most of the food served is fresh fish and most seafood lovers have said they are never disappointed.


Mondo is a new establishment in the center of Barcelona. The business serves as both an exquisite seafood restaurant and a nightclub.

The Mondo sits next to Port Olimpic, one of the most beautiful ports in Spain. Fresh fish is collected and served at the Mondo regularly. Seafood platters are doctored with a number of condiments including olive oil, garlic sauce and lime dressings. The restaurant has already earned a reputation as a provider of some of the most delicious seafood in Barcelona. You can also select from dozens of Barcelona’s finest wines.

The club is open four nights a week. Many venues are held throughout the year.

Dos Palillos

Dos Palillos is known for selling some of the best tapas in the city. Most food is prepared through traditional cooking methods. However, the lack of modern gadgets doesn’t impact that quality of food in the slightest way. The restaurant provides great prices for the quality of food they offer.

These tapas have a unique twist to them. The chef has visited the Far East and incorporated Asian elements into his recipes. The concept of combining Asian and Spanish delicacies has started to gain wide appeal among both travelers and natives. Dos Palillos is one of three restaurants that are known for combining Spanish and Asian cuisines.

Con Gracia

Con Gracia is another of Barcelona’s amazing Mediterranean restaurants. The establishment is small, which affords for privacy. This makes it ideal place for a data or anniversary. The only downside is that you will need to make a reservation ahead of time.

While most other great Barcelonan restaurants specialize in a cuisine, Con Gracia offers something for everyone. You can enjoy seafood, great meats and some of the finest wines in the region. You are even offered the opportunity to do a wine tasting with every meal.

Catalonia has a reputation for offering some of the finest foods in the world. Barcelona lives up to the region’s reputation quite nicely and you shouldn’t be disappointed with any of the food offered. This is only a small sampling of some great restaurants available in Barcelona, but they are highly recommended by myself and other travelers throughouth the world.

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