4 Incredible Holiday Destinations In The USA

The United States houses many different styles of holiday destination and you can be certain to find the perfect escape for a great vacation.

Vail, Colorado

Vail is truly a winter wonderland during the winter months. There is a near certainty that snow will be falling, perfect for any skier or snowboarder. There are many different ski resorts to choose from within a short drive, and each has its own history and amazement. Be ready for the temperatures though, as they can be quite low, often in the single digits or teens.

If you are not scared of the cold, but do not fashion yourself on a set of skis, than try snowshoeing on many of the neighboring trails. There are many trails that lead to secluded areas, leaving you at peace to observe nature without the excess noise or light pollution. The air seems cleaner and the sky is beautiful.

The town itself celebrates Christmas a bit more old fashioned than most of the cities within the United States, but offers a beauty that cannot be seen anywhere else in the states. They host the annual Vail Family Holidaze which spans over the few days prior to Christmas. They offer many events day and night including live music, movies on a large projection system in the center of the town and ice skating shows.

Each one is free to attend and brings everyone together to enjoy the holidays together rather than running from store to store. There is the Candy Cane Patrol that also lurks through the streets during the Holidaze, handing out candy canes to everyone in need of some extra holiday spirit.

Chicago, Illinois

If you thought you were going to be cold in Colorado, than try to avoid Chicago. The winds are brutal and the temperatures often drop below zero during the holiday seasons. Even with the wind and temperatures, Chicago is hard to resist during the holidays, and is often considered one of the best Christmas hot spots in the country. It holds incredible museums, hotels, restaurants, shopping and theaters; some of the best in the world even.

Chicago starts their winter festivities early, often times beginning on November 1st. The Winter Wonderland festivities are hosted each year starting on the 1st and go until the end of the year. Each weekend holds different events and Santa finds time in his busy schedule to fly down every weekend to see the busy little bees.

Is you are ready to brave the cold weather, than stroll down to Millennium Park Ice skating. Nestled up right against Michigan Avenue, this skate park attracts hundreds of thousands of skaters each year and costs nothing to skate (Rentals are available for a fee).

The city of Chicago takes pride in their winter festivities and holds some of the most beautiful light shows within the United States, starting with the Macy’s Great Tree Lighting, or the Magnificent Mile festival of lights parade.

New York City, New York

Millions of people flock to the Big Apple during the holiday season. It is considered one of the most well-known holiday destinations anywhere in the world, and with good reason. There are exclusive Broadway shows such as the Christmas Carol or the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. These shows are only around for a few weeks out of the year and are incredible to witness first hand. In addition to Broadway, exclusive singers such as the legend Andrea Bocelli, who does not tour often, comes to New York to perform.

Some of the buildings in New York City become landmarks and some of the busiest areas in the entire world. The Rockefeller Center Plaza is illuminated not only by the Christmas tree that towers everyone, but by the lights that decorate the entire plaza. It has been rightfully nicknamed the Capitol of NYC Christmas. FAO Schwartz is another beauty that will erase all of the “bah humbugs”.  It is certainly the largest toy store within New York City, housing its own indoor Ferris wheel and levels of toys for all ages.

A hint of advice for those who are looking to travel to New York City during the holidays is to take public transportation. The locals in the city are enough to clog the streets with traffic making travel difficult. Add in all of the tourists and it can create quite a mess. Park your car at your hotel and use the subway stations or buses. It will save you a lot of headache and time.

Disney World

Disney is the place where dreams come true, and that still holds true during the holiday season. The parks will be less crowded than they are during the summer months, but they are still open and teeming with life.

The parks are transformed into winter wonderlands abound, especially the Magical Kingdom. The Disney Castle is even decorated to accommodate the holiday festivities. There are nightly parades which should be on everyone’s bucket list to witness. The streets are illuminated with lights and the decorations are elaborate and intricate. All of the Disney characters come out in their holiday clothes welcoming everyone to their humble abode. The rides (except the water rides) are running without a hiccup and the shops are open for business.

You would think the hours would be shortened, but they are actually extended. The parks begin to open as early as 7am and close around 1am. You truly have the entire day to wander and explore the magic inside the wonderful world of Disney.

No matter your taste for the holidays, you can find the right destination in America,  The USA is a very large country and holds many different climates within the borders so you can always find something for your family holiday

Jane Holland is a freelance writer who loves to write about history, traveling and vacation destinations. She also writes for Foxwoods Resort, a hotel in Connecticut; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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