5 of the best Bachelor / Stag destinations around the World

So you’re getting married and making the big step towards being a “grown-up” man. But that doesn’t mean your bachelor days are now completely behind you – you get to have one last ‘big night out’ as part of the whole “getting married’ deal. You get a beautiful, amazing woman for the rest of your life – but first, you get to have one last night of awesomeness with all your guys.

Many have said it, that choosing the right Stag / Bachelor destination is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. You have to strike the perfect balance between budget (after all, not all your mates are going to have the same bank balance as you) and location too (if you have friends who already have kids – jetting somewhere far away might not be an option).

But, we have gathered up some great spots for you to start looking at – to start the inspiration flowing and to get those juices flowing too. Run some of these destinations past your mates, and see what the reaction is: the likelihood is they’ll be positive! After all, we wouldn’t be recommending anyway rubbish – not for one of the most memorable nights you’ll have. Unless you drink too much (chances are you will) then you won’t remember a thing.

1.      Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the classic Stag destination. It has everything you’d need for the big night – incredible nightlife, incredible food, and incredible hotels…. And casinos. Need we say more? Didn’t think so.

2.      London

If you want somewhere with a little culture, as well as awesome nightlife and incredible entertainment – then London might be for you. The city has some incredible hotels too – both on a budget and for those who are blowing the budget too.  Stop central to make the best of it.

3.      New York City

Similar to London – NYC offer some incredible attractions for the daytime as well as amazing nightlife, bars and restaurants for the evening too. If you’re on a budget – try booking a sublet apartment – instead of a hotel. You’ll save money and you’ll be able to stop more central too. Winning for everyone!

4.      Sydney

Sydney is a pretty incredible city – you could really blow the budget by having your bachelor party here on New Years Eve. The energy here is incredible – and all the amazing attractions (not to mention friendly people) will make this a trip you’re never going to forget. You could even keep the budget down by stopping in a hostel – it’s a great way of meeting people too.

5.      Dublin

If you live in the UK – then Dublin is an incredible place to spend your Stag / Bachelor party. First of all, head to the Guinness factory and start the drinking – then take advantage of the incredible Irish nightlife and spend the night partying with the locals!

Tom works for No1 Traveller, an airport lounge in Birmingham airport. He loves travelling – and nightlife. How did you guess?

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