A European Sojourn – 10-Stop Itinerary Of Countries You Must Visit

Of all the continents in the world, none promise world-famous sights, enviable attractions, sophistication, high culture, art and history quite like Europe does. From the Eiffel Tower to Amsterdam’s canals, the Colosseum to the Austrian Alps, Europe is a heady travel destination offering a dizzying variety of experiences and sights, many of which we’ve all looked forward to visiting since childhood.

It was tough to narrow down to just ten treasures of the European continent, but here’s our pick of 10 countries you just can’t miss on your European sojourn.

Viva la France

Why not kick off your Euro-trip with one of the classics: Paris, the City of Lights (or Love, depending who you ask). Yes, there’s the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, you’ve heard of them all – but some of its simplest pleasures are the most delightful. Try a casual stroll along the Seine, or spend a morning people-watching in one of its famous cafes (croissant mandatory).

Outside the city, the beautiful chateaus of the Loire Valley or the historic World War I sights of Normandy are ideal day trips. For a glamorous getaway by the Mediterranean, the French Riviera is a highlight.

Hola, Spain!

An exotic, alluring culture? Check. Uniquely tasty cuisine? Check. Vibrant nightlife? Check. Historic cathedrals, world-class art and a lively street culture – yep, Spain has just about everything. It boasts not one but two world-renowned metropolises, the capital Madrid and modernist haven Barcelona, and a great deal more besides. Soak up history at Cadiz, Europe’s most ancient city still standing, or for the younger at heart, live it up at nightlife capital, Ibiza.

The greatest picks of Great Britain

Having enjoyed a cultural resurgence over the past few decades, Old London Town (not its official title) is once again a top European destination, its thriving arts, music and theatre scene equally appealing as its world-famous sights.

South of the capital, the Cotswolds region deserves a visit for its quaint, tranquil villages. Up north, the beautiful agricultural region of Yorkshire is filled with hidden treasures and scenic national parks.

More than tulips and windmills: The Netherlands

Many know little about the Netherlands beside its stereotypes: the tulips, the windmills and the wild excitement of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Learn more about this prettiest of countries by exploring the canals of Amsterdam and it’s the world-class museums and galleries. The fortified medieval city of Maastricht also deserves your attention, as does the vibrant, modern city of Rotterdam.

Grand Germania

The wonderfully zany city of Berlin – where risqué bars and uber-cool street art lie alongside grand historic monuments – is a sure highlight of any European trip, as is the southern Bavarian city of Munich, a paradise for lovers of architecture, fine arts, and beer.

The delightful, romantic town of Heidelberg, with a hilltop castle overlooking its buzzing student culture, will also charm. Follow the famous Romantic Road in the country’s south for a fairytale-like route passing picturesque castles and villages.

Prague and beyond: the Czech Republic

Prague is the enchanting capital of the Czech Republic and, its skyline marked with spires and the world’s largest castle, it is regarded as one of Europe’s prettiest cities. The beautiful old town of ?eský Krumlov in South Bohemia is similarly beautiful, while the creepy yet cool decor of the Chapel of All Saints in Kutná Hora is unforgettable.

Austrian Empire

Austria’s capital, Vienna, arguably surpasses all other cities for its grandness, wearing its musical and theatrical significance proudly. Beautiful Innsbruck offers a convenient and thriving gateway to reach the world-renowned Austrian Alps from. Before you embark on the skiing trip of a lifetime, however, make sure you’re covered by travel insurance

The jewels of the Adriatic: Croatia

An up-and-coming European destination, Croatia can hold its head high among its better-known neighbours: the coastal city of Dubrovnik is a historic gem, conveniently located beside the sparkling Adriatic Coast, while the city of Split is called a ‘Mediterranean flower’ by locals for its ancient Roman ruins, stately palaces, and pristine sailing opportunities. Warning, though, you may not want to leave!

La Bella Vita in Italy

Last but certainly not least, this list would certainly not be complete without a mention of the country that boasts more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other: Italy. Outside its famous three tourist attractions – Rome, Florence and Venice – there are countless sights worth exploring. Try the less-explored region of Umbria for a variety of pretty medieval towns (Assisi, Orvieto and Gubbio, to name a few) plus a proud viniculture that will heighten your appreciation of Italian wine. Further north, the candy-coloured, cliff-top towns of the Cinque Terre provide breathtaking views of the coast.

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Linda Campbell is a writer by profession and a traveller by passion. During her travels, she’s grateful to have travel insurance to help keep her peace of mind so she can focus on the fun things instead. 

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