Asmara and Singapore – Two Absolutely Delightful Townships for the Solo Traveller!


The concept of travelling alone is one that has really increased in frequency and has now resulted in a trend. More and more individuals who are enthusiastic to trek the world are now exclusively opting for doing so without any companions as those who have done the same before have narrated accounts of experiencing exhilaration unlike what we may feel otherwise!

From having the freedom to plan an agenda as per one’s own personal preferences – and amend it just as independently too, the decision of travelling alone for the purpose of sightseeing or strolling through a new place of interest presents no obligations to a fellow companion who would otherwise be at your heels in acquaintance.

If you are keen on taking this big step in winging your next schedule of journeys all on your own but feel a little tentative due to the jitters of managing so, beginning your travels in cities that are safe and hospitable for tourists in all aspects (from negligible crime rates to negligible assault rates – especially for women) is a great idea to help you gain the confidence that you shall indispensably require in trekking around the rest of the globe, overall.

To get started, here are two cities that have continuously been acclaimed as the safest and most tourist-friendly in the entire world. Coming up first? Singapore!

1) The metropolitan island of Singapore: a hub for revelling in exciting activities and enjoying a mesmerizing array of food, beverage and everything else in-between!

In order to prove the stringent level of safety that this city bears principle to, Singapore’s tri-terminus Changi Airport is evidence enough! How, one may ask? Well, the systemic flow of passengers from the terminal onwards and all the way to conveyor belts post immigration is so seamless that exiting the premises after the arrival of your flight takes nothing more than a few minutes! What’s more, Singapore openly welcomes immigrants from all over the world without the need of any legal declarations as its immigration department dutifully grants visas immediately upon arrival to its guests.

From the airport and beyond, this enthralling metropolis boasts an equally high standard of cleanliness too. Apart from that, you can feel free to walk in the streets of this city at any time regardless of which particular area that you may be in for all locales are active with commotion from commuting people on a round-the-clock basis. Be it amidst all the shopping malls at Orchard or along the forested trails at Bukit Timah, Singapore is assured to entice you in the safest manner possible!

2) The captivating country of Eritrea: Asmara and beyond!

This Italian-influenced city bears more than what the single globetrotter can ever manage for sightseeing and the like! Known to have rates of crime that are almost level zero, Asmara is another city that is equally safe as its abovementioned counterpart!

Featuring architecture that has been prominently procreated under dominance by the Italians during the early 20th century, famous works of construction such as the Fiat Tagliero Building or the myriad of cinema halls such as the Cinema Impero are focal points of interest amongst most discerning tourists.

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