Authentic British Cuisine In Marylebone

There are some dishes that Great Britain is famous for. Foods like fish and chip, steak and kidney pie, blood pudding, and other famous dishes are what people go to England to experience first-hand. One of the Marylebone restaurants that makes the top ten list of places to eat is called the Portman Pub. At the Portman, people can really get to enjoy the dishes that have made the country of Greta Britain famous plus many more great things to eat.

The Portman Pub Offers English Food

The land the Portman Pub and Restaurant sits on has been occupied by the Portman family since the 1300’s. The pub sits in the middle of a thriving shopping area known as Oxford Street. Also near to the pub is the famous Hyde Park, and within a short walking distance to a well-known department store called Selfridges. Whether a person needs a meal after a long day of shopping, or just wants an unforgettable meal, the Portman Pub is one of the Marylebone restaurants that are known for their British food and atmosphere.

Here is more information on what the Portman Pub is all about:

  1. Restaurant menu: To begin an evening at the Portman Pub, a person has their choice of drinks like a Bloody Mary or a Martini. For an appetizer, a person can start off with some fresh warm bread and a bowl of soup. The soup of the day will be sourdough soup made with rabbit and duck, or a person can enjoy a salad made with cured salmon and artichokes. For the main meal, a person has their choice of some of the most famous English dishes like a pie made with haddock, or fish like Scottish salmon or yellowfin tuna. Anyone that is into healthy eating can be assured that everything they are eating is organic and made with only the best ingredients.
  2. Pub menu: For lighter dining, the pub menu at the Portman offers some nice choices including breakfast. The pub menu also features a verity of different teas that can be ordered by the pot. For a lighter lunch time meal, the pub has sandwiches, salads, and pies. To end a glorious meal, there are many different desserts to choose from including fresh homemade ice cream, short bread, and sorbet.
  3. Canapé menu: The Portman Pub offers a separate canapé menu. The canapés can be ordered, but there is a minimum of 20 that must be ordered. The canapés can be made of meat and be hot or made of fish and be cold. There is also a choice of a vegetarian canapés that are made of caviar, cheddar cheese, and crushed peas.

The Portman family has occupied the Marylebone area for a very long time. The Portman Pub and Restaurant is on the same land, and is one of the best Marylebone restaurants that feature English cuisine. Whether it’s a hot steak pie with a pot of tea, or a canapé made of caviar with a Bloody Mary cocktail, there is all kind of delicious food to try at the Portman Pub and Restaurant.


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