Avoid The Same Old New York – 3 Lesser-Known Buildings To Discover


New York has a huge amount to offer its visitors, yet most of us stick to the same few things: go to the Empire State Building, look at the Statue of Liberty, visit Grand Central Station. That’s what the guidebooks tell us to do, and what many people consider to be the essential New York experience.

But the city has a lot more to offer, and in terms of architecture there are some truly impressive gems hidden in a city where all eyes are on the obvious giants.

Here are just three of New York’s fantastic lesser-known sites to visit for a unique holiday experience…

1. The News Building

220 East 42nd Street


One block down from the Chrysler Building, Daily News Building (known as the News Building) is impressive enough from the outside, but it’s once you get into the lobby that things start to get spectacular.

In the centre of the lobby is a giant globe, accurate in all details apart from obviously the size and the speed at which it rotates. Laid into the floor are compass points with arrows pointing in the direction of the world’s major cities, with distances to each of them. Around the globe are brass plaques giving you some astounding facts on the immensity of the universe.

2. Green-Wood Cemetery

500 25th Street at Fifth Ave, Sunset Park


Admittedly, ‘let’s go and see a cemetery’ is probably not the most popular tourist catchphrase. But this wasn’t the case back in 1860, when Green-Wood Cemetery vied with Niagara Falls as the state’s most popular tourist destination.

Today, there are still plenty of reasons to visit Green-Wood. For a start, it’s the resting place of some famous New Yorkers, including Leonard Bernstein. You can also find one of the borough’s highest points there, Battle Hill, giving you a spectacular view over Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

3. Hall of Fame for Great Americans

2155 University Ave at 181st Street, Bronx


Home to 98 bronze busts of notable Americans, including Franklin Roosevelt and Eli Whitney, the Hall of Fame is an impressive sight. The building, a sweeping Neo Classical arc, affords amazing views of the Harlem River across to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park. A perfect combination of history, spectacle and scenery, the Hall of Fame for Great Americans is one of the jewels in New York’s crown.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

An extensive list of all the noteworthy buildings in New York would probably need to be released as a hardback book. The three featured in this post are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering amazing buildings in the Big Apple.

If you’re thinking of heading heading there, HotelClub.com offer a wide selection of New York hotels. By all means, visit the usual tourist attractions, but why not top off your holiday with a few places that will give you something truly different to tell your friends back home about?

Matt L. is a travel blogger who has previously written for the likes of Huffington Post, Driftwood Journals and Cool Places.

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