Best day trips from Barcelona


If you are here for longer than a weekend, you may want to see what else Catalunya has to offer, after all an hour drive away is the mountain are some of the best beaches that the province owns. We have taken the time to highlight a few poplar and trustworthy stops whilst making if you want to venture out a little further than Barcelona.


This place makes an ideal destination for beach lovers. Located south of Barcelona this idyllic fishing village is now renowned amongst the more affluent set from Barcelona. With a sublime balance between city and beach many opt to settle here or purchase vacation houses. Most of allSitges is known for it’s exuberant night scene and attracts a large gay clientele. Great spots to visit include museums such as the Maricel andCau Ferrat (a former meeting place for artists)

For those simply want to have a relaxing break – Sitges is one of the perfect examples of a town in Costa de Garraf. The beaches are clean and crystal clear with them being awarded the blue flag eco label. The picturesque cobbled streets, and quaint signage makes it popular amongst families, couples and groups of friends.

Montserrat Mountain

The mountain Montserrat is an incredible monstrosity that stands firm, making a bold statement and with views over the entire city from animmense height. Located at approximately 50 km northwest of Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, the Bajo Llobregat and Bages, this mountain is unlike any other and is a fun experience just getting to it. With it’s incredible rock formation it is somewhat iconic n Catalonia, as the jagged edges are unique and breathtaking.

You can take the rail train from Plaça Espanya and then go and then continue higher up the mountain by taking the cable car or Cremallera Funicular (rack train). Some opt to hike from the last stop of the trainmaking it an adventurous and exciting trek. When you get closer to the top you will find an extraordinary nature park and a monastery. Many people visit Montserrat as a part of a yearly pilgrimage to visit the virgin – as the area is a Sanctuary of La Mare de Déu de Montserrat, LaMoreneta (the virgin of Montserray, The Black Madonna).


What makes this beautiful province just away from Barcelona so amazing is the fact that it isn’t brimming with tourists like that of the city. If you are looking for a mini escape from Barcelona, Tarragona the lesser popular one stop is a great choice. Named a Unesco World Heritage site thanks to the Roman ruins of Tarraco, you can also visit the roman walls with gates Portal del Roser, the Portal de Sant Antoni, the Forum, the palace of Augustus and the amphitheatre.

Another must visit is the Cathedral, which during the week of Easter is incredible with live processions lined up at the entrance.  Built in the 12th and 13th century the building embodies the Gothic and Romanesque references in its style and grace.


This is a poplar city, known for it’s charm and great for those that love idyllic walks, bike treks and stunning views. Based northwest of Catalonia, Spain, the area is made up of the new and enchanting old town. The old town stands on the steep hill of the Capuchins to the west of the river, with the modernized area to the east. Located at the confluence of four rivers, the city of Girona has a great variety of landscapes, the ideal for nature lovers.

One of the most interesting parts of the city is the old fortifications that have played a pivotal part in protecting Girona from invaders for hundreds of years. The city wall built in Roman times in the 1st century BC serves as a testament to all that it has overcome. You can walk the entire length of the walls and climb the towers, where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Girona and the surrounding countryside. The ancient cathedral is equally historic and beautiful and was previously used by the Moors as a mosque, and after their final expulsion the cathedral was rebuilt to what it stands today.

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