The Best Food in the United States’ Biggest Coastal Cities

Fresh Maine Lobster

There are plenty of reasons for travelling in the US. Maybe you’re on the road for business, or you’re a road trip enthusiast looking for the best sights and experiences, with no particular destination in mind. No matter why you hit the road, one of the biggest perks of traveling is trying foods from other parts of the country that you might not get at home.

To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best foods that you’ll run into if your next road trip takes you up and down the East coast.


Fresh Maine Lobster

Any conversation about seafood is going to be pretty contentious, particularly if you’re talking to a self-styled food enthusiast. However, a popular choice that frequently finds itself on top-five lists is Maine. Maine is most closely associated with lobster, and rightfully so. The history of the lobster is truly unique; once thought to be an undesirable food fed only to prison inmates, the lobster is now a prized delicacy.

Just as the lobster seems to embody the culinary spirit of Maine, Five Islands Lobster Co. exemplifies seafood excellence. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the shoreline while enjoying some of the very best seafood selections on the entire East coast.

Philly Cheesesteaks

Sure, you might be able to get a cheesesteak from your local gas station, but you can be sure it’s going to pale in comparison with the real deal from Philadelphia. While the classic recipe calls for thinly sliced rib-eye beef, Cheez Whiz or provolone and (at your option) sautéed onions, mushrooms, and peppers, there are a number of popular variations. These include the chicken cheesesteak, the pizza steak (topped with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese) and the cheesesteak hoagie (which includes tomato and lettuce).

Whether you’re just visiting this great Commonwealth city or you’re taking a look at Philadelphia real estate in anticipation of a move, you’re going to find yourself in the company of some truly addictive food.


It might be called the Big Apple, but New York residents know better than anyone what the city is really known for: some of the best pizza in the world. Di Fara, located in Brooklyn, is frequently cited as one of the very best pizzerias in the city. Founded in 1964, Di Fara is currently enjoying an 8-year run at the top of Zagat’s list of top-rated pizzerias in New York City. Whereas the pizzas from chain restaurants look unneringly perfect every time, the pizzas at Di Faras come out with comforting imperfections, calling attention to the fact that each one is lovingly handmade according to your order, and cooked to perfection.

Food for the Traveler

If you find yourself visiting a bustling coastal metropolis, there’s bound to be a day or two during your visit where you find yourself on the go. If hunger strikes while you’re rushing through Manhattan, pizza by the slice will be only a stone’s throw away, or perhaps you’re feeling more like a soft pretzel. Wandering around Coney Island? Try a famous footlong hot dog. Meanwhile, Rhode Island is home to some truly memorable pizza bread.

Wherever you find yourself, your journey isn’t complete until you’ve sampled the local fare.


Image Courtesy of Delicious Food Recipes via Flickr

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