Best Islands to Live On: Brac, Croatia

beautiful brac in croatia

The Island of Brac is situated in the Adriatic Sea and it is one of the biggest islands of Central Dalmatia, Croatia. It is renowned as the highest island in the Adriatic, with the Vidova Gora being the highest peak among all islands in Croatia. Unlike other Croatian islands, which are predominantly characterized by lush green landscapes, Brac is mainly dominated by crevices, valleys, coves and gullies.

What makes Brac a popular Tourist Destination?

The beaches found on this island make it a highly sought after destination – the Zlatni Rat beach in particular is very popular among travelers. The Zlatni Rat beach is an elongated stretch of land that protrudes out into the sea, and it is situated on the southern part of the island in the gorgeous tourist town of Bol. Its shape makes it a perfect destination for wind and kite surfers. The beach also provides ample opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. A very unique feature of the Zlatni Rat beach is its ever changing shape with the changing hours, influenced by the wind and tide.

brac bol

Another feature that has made this Island gain popularity worldwide is its quarry. Ever since the Roman ages, the fine quality white stones have been extracted from this site extracted and the practice continues until today. Quarry is not only used locally, but also in America and Europe.

Things to do on the Island

The island offers a perfect environment foe scuba diving. Due to the fact the region receives little rainfall, divers do not encounter any visibility problems. The Lucica Cave, located on the southeastern coast of the island, is one of the most prominent divers’ spots. Its sheer size and large number of fish species leaves many divers in awe.Take a look at this video on youtube a diver shared on youtube.

lucica cave

In addition to the exciting and entertaining water sports, the island, which has approximately a hundred rock climbing routes, also offers trekkers the opportunity to explore the mountains and lands. Each rock climbing route varies in intensity to give adventurers new thrills and challenges on every trail.

How to reach the Island

Brac has an efficient transport system. You can book a flight to Split where you will find a ferry which will get you to the island Brac. Catamarans also carry passengers to the island. The Split airport is located just 30 kilometers from the ferry station. Buses and trains transport passengers to the ferry point.

brac city

Best time to visit

Since the Island of Brac is found on the Mediterranean region, it enjoys a favorable climate throughout the year. The winters are moderate with a few showers, while the summers are sunny, warm and dry. However, the most ideal time to visit the island would be the spring season because it is conducive for outdoor activities, not to mention the availability of spring farm produce such as wild asparagus, strawberries and cherries.

brac island

Accommodation options

From houses, hotels, vacation villages, apartments, beachfronts to villas, there are quite a number of accommodation options in Brac for tourists visiting this island. Private rooms have been found to be the easiest, most economical, convenient options. Simply search for an information office and ask them to find you a private room in a house.

brac bol


Apart from the attractive beaches, there are other options for tourists as well. For instance, there is the Desert Blaca located on western side of mount Vidova gora, the Dragons’s cave to the southern part of the island and Škrip – the island’s regional museum.

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