The Best Spots For An Alpine Retreat

The Best Spots For An Alpine Retreat

Have you always secretly fancied a trip to the Alps, but dismissed the idea because you’re not into skiing or snow sports? Have you ever wished that you could witness a spectacular sunset without having to hike up the side of a mountain? What about that wonderfully clichéd picture of a log cabin in the snow? Chances are, you’re one of those people who’d love to experience all of these things, but you don’t feel like it’s right for you.

The Best Spots For An Alpine Retreat

Fortunately, you’re dead wrong. A holiday in the Alps can be lots of things, it doesn’t just have to be about snow sports. There’s a staggering range of things to do in this region of the world, say experts at The French Alps are both vast and breathtakingly beautiful – why wouldn’t you yearn to see them? Here’s a guide to just a few of the best spots for an Alpine retreat.

The Willow, Vaucluse

The Willow, in Vaucluse, is a beautifully restored cottage. It is located in the Provence-Alpes region, right at the foot of Mont Ventoux. This means that it comes hand in hand with some rather splendid Alpine views. From this area, you can see both the hilltop village of Blauvac and the dramatic Gorge de la Nesque, say experts at Beyond. The property itself is all on one level and it is quite small, but this makes it wonderfully cosy. There are no children allowed in The Willow, as this is a very mature type of accommodation. It has been beautifully restored and has a stone kitchen, a garden terrace, a wood burning stove, a private garden and a pool. There are skiing facilities, twenty minutes away. If you happen to be bold enough, make your way to the bottom of the Gorge de La Nesque. Rather remarkably, there’s a 17th century chapel hiding beneath the rocks.

La Verrerie, Puy-de-Dôme

This rather beautiful farmhouse sits in Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne. The area itself is located right at the heart of the Livradois Forez National Park, says This does mean that it is an isolated area, with few other holiday cottages around. La Verrerie has been extensively renovated over the last few years and it now operates as four separate apartments. There’s a shared swimming pool, a games area, a stable block and a large terraced garden. All of these things are features of the property, despite the fact that it sits half way up a mountain. There are absolutely splendid views of the Chaîne Puys volcano chain, so if you’re looking to stay somewhere dramatic – La Verrerie is bound to impress. The 1,465 metre high Puy-de-Dôme mountain happens to be the official symbol for the region, so you know that it’s got to be something special. Visit Chez Nous for the very best deal on this Alpine cottage and Alpine cottages like it.

Village House, Drôme

The simply named Village House is located in the Drôme department of France. It is a lot bigger than most Alpine retreats, so it is a good choice for larger families. It can house up to six people, making it suitable for two couples or two families who might wish to holiday together. Village House is actually made up of two separate properties, but they are only ever rented out to one party at a time. If you do want to stay here, it’s all or nothing – time to live like an Alpine king. There are plenty of ski slopes in this region, too. Like most French mountain retreats, snow sports and skiing facilities can be found less than twenty minutes away from the property, say the experts at ChezNous. This region is very popular with extreme sports fans – there’s lots of kayaking, canoeing, horse riding and cycling in the area.

Author Bio: Jane Carver is a freelance journalist, currently living in the Dordogne region of France. For the best deals on French holiday cottages, she recommends ChezNous. She can usually be found interviewing locals, or getting ready for her next skiing holiday.

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