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City Slicker – 5 Incredible Big Cities You Need to Visit Before You Die

city slicker

Some view big cities as urban paradises while others view them as claustrophobic little cages. Regardless of what you think about big cities, they are some of the best places to visit because of the history and sights. There are

Top 5 Romantic travel ideas – Europe


You and your partner want to spend a romantic holiday, but not sure where to go? Whether you’re a young couple on your first holiday together or an old one, wanting to reignite the fire of love, we offer five

Wanting to see a different side of Paris?


A lot of people every year travel to London and want to see Paris as well but the question they need to ask themselves is do they want to get stuck doing the same old places as every other tourist?

Eating & Drinking In Chamonix, France

chalets chamonix

Chamonix offers some great local restaurants, bars and nightclubs to entertain those indulging in après ski. The local area has a wide array of entertainment from Irish pubs, to Chinese restaurants, and microbreweries set amongst the breathtaking backdrop of the

The 5 magical lands of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Castle

If you’re one of the thousands of people who loved the small world and Disney magic sure you’ve been or who you thought going to the amusement park of Disneyland Paris.  Located just a few hours of Spain is one

The 5 Best Skiing Destinations (For People Who Don’t Know How To Ski)

So here’s a little known fact about skiing. It’s really hard. Turns out it’s not just a question of going on to the slopes, sliding down to the bottom and being awesome at it. It takes practice, and often a

The Splendors of Paris for Tourists

Paris Skyline

Paris, the capital and the largest city of France is a cosmopolitan city with a blend of multicultural and multiethnic heritage. The best time for visiting the city is winter when you can feel the real vibrant air of the

Traveling to the French Riviera via Yacht Charter


France is one of the most beautiful European countries with all of the luxuries you dream about when you think of Parisian life. The Cote D’Azure is one of the most sought out places on the planet for celebrities, royals

Top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations in France

Are you planning a summer holiday to France this year? There are many excellent holiday destinations that you can choose for a trip, which can range from medieval landmarks like the walled city of Carcassonne, through to the remoteness of

French Fancies – Ten Irresisitible Parisian Patisseries

From its elaborate starters to its scrumptious desserts, cuisine in France is a neverending box of surprises. And of course, there is no better place than the country’s capital when it comes to sampling all the delectable treats that French