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Top 5 Romantic travel ideas – Europe


You and your partner want to spend a romantic holiday, but not sure where to go? Whether you’re a young couple on your first holiday together or an old one, wanting to reignite the fire of love, we offer five

Top 5 Regions Boasting of Authentic Villas for Tourists in Italy

Italy is a European country, similar in size to the state of Arizona. Renowned for its pasta, beautiful landscape, Pope, fashion, beaches, scenic mountains and historic castles, you will get a number of exciting places to visit in Italy like

A Rome tour to discover a city with a thousand faces

Rome Castelli Romani

Rome is no doubt one of the most appreciated tourist destinations, definitely one of the few world’s cities that can enchant visitors. The Italian capital could rightly boast to be one of the most visited places in the entire world,

The Wonders of Venice

Italy is home to some of the most romantic cities in the world and famous for numerous things, from its delicious culinary offerings to gondolas and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you take a med cruise you are more

Three Must-See Towns in Tuscany

Located in west central Italy is the beloved region of Tuscany. Known as Italy’s most famous wine region, Tuscany offers travellers and locals alike breathtaking scenery to see, historic cities to explore, an artistic legacy to appreciate, and cuisine to die for.

Ideas for a magical New Year’s Eve in Venice

Gondola's in Venice

As we are approaching another New Year and, we often have the difficult choice on how to celebrate it with a bang. The options often are endless and the decision is rarely easy or quick, especially when there is the

Top 5 Destinations for Combining Christmas With a City Break


Some people find that heading off on holiday over the busy Christmas and New Year period works for them on a therapeutic level. As much as we love the end of the year, knowing that we have to spend days at a

This Season’s Best Ski Destinations


A new season is upon us and the most taxing question is where to go this year? Are you going to stick with what you know, or will you head out into the unknown for a bit of variety? Wherever

Things to do in Rome


Rome, the capital of Italy and well known hot-spot with many tourists, is an intoxicating blend of masterpieces in both the artistic and architectural worlds. The perfect city is also home to many classical ruins and extravagant churches and piazzas

Why the Next Trip you Book Should be to Italy

If you’re undecided as you where you’re jetting off to on your next holiday, here a five reasons why you should head to Italy. Italy is one of the most picturesque and fascinating countries in Europe. With a history that