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Embracing the Maple Leaf: 6 Exciting Touring Attractions in Toronto


Embracing the Maple Leaf: 6 Exciting Touring Attractions in Toronto Visiting a new city is an exciting adventure to find the most interesting and unique things to do and see in that city. The options that await you in Toronto

A Summer by the Lake: 5 Family-Friendly Lakes in the U.S. that Make the Perfect Vacation Spot

family lakes - Lake Champlain

Lakeside vacations combine the best elements of summer – swimming, fishing, boating, and lazy evenings around a campfire. There are thousands of lakes in the Unites States, many of them great retreats for locals or tourists. A few lakes stand

Driving Tips for Visitors to Canada

Are you planning on going on holiday to Canada and doing a good bit of driving while there? If so, there are certain driving tips that will be beneficial to know to keep you and your fellow travelling companions safe

Hidden Holiday Heavens


There’s a myth about holidays that suggests the better the destination, the more expensive the costs. With this in mind, one would assume that finding a great holiday destination would be a rather difficult task. However, there are a good

5 of the most romantic ski destinations

Jackson Hole

Winter is coming – and in case you didn’t know, skiing is one of the best vacations you can ever take. And not just because of all the fun in the snow you’re bound to have – but because of

5 Most Festive Christmas Markets around the World

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Growing up in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia means warm sunshine and bikinis at Christmas time. Even for us, Christmas has always been represented as a merry and joyful time spent somewhere cold, in the snow and drinking hot chocolate

Vancouver Island a West Coast Gem

vancouver island

Vancouver Island lies on the West Coast of Canada in the aptly named Beautiful British Columbia. Vancouver Island is home to the City of Victoria, the capital of the British Columbia province (known as BC), and is considered one of the

Montreal Travel Guide


Montreal or Montréal (French pronunciation: Mawn-ray-al) Montreal is the cultural and economic capital of Quebec, although Quebec City is the political capital. Ranking as the second largest city in Canada, this unique metropolis stands as as one of the most

Stunning Scenery on Canadian Autumn Road Trips

bruce peninsula

The Canadian autumn offers incredible colours and scenery, and a number of great road trips are a perfect way to see the best that the country has to offer. While it is true that fall means that cold winters are

Great Outdoor Activities to Do in Victoria, British Columbia

Juan de Fuca

There are really not that many areas across Canada which provides as many options when it comes to outdoor activities as well as the chance to take part in them all year round than in Victoria, British Columbia, along with