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How To Make Your Trip More Luxurious

To enhance the quality and comfort of your trip, there are a few ways to make it more luxurious with amenities that can make for an incredible time spent away. Adding extra luxury to the trip will enhance the memories

Get Ready for a hAPPy Summer: 6 iPhone Apps that Will Help You Nail the Summer Vacation Thing

summer vacation apps #4

If you consider yourself a tech-savvy individual, you want to stay updated on the latest apps—fun apps, practical apps, and apps that are pretty pointless, but you want anyways. If you’re getting ready to head out on your first summer

Delicious Snacks that Are Great to Pack When Traveling

When planning a road trip or vacation, consider packing healthy snacks instead of purchasing food on the road. Healthy snacks do not need to be blasé or time consuming to prepare. In fact, with less than five minutes of prep,

Great Snacks To Take On A Flight Everyone Will Love

Great Snacks To Take On A Flight Everyone Will Love

Let’s face it: Airplane food is not the best. Plus, many airlines no longer offer meals on flights that are not flying international routes. This means it is up to you to bring your own snacks for the flight or

Best Islands to Live On: Brac, Croatia

beautiful brac in croatia

The Island of Brac is situated in the Adriatic Sea and it is one of the biggest islands of Central Dalmatia, Croatia. It is renowned as the highest island in the Adriatic, with the Vidova Gora being the highest peak

Quirky and Must See Attractions in Glasgow

Quirky and Must See Attractions in Glasgow

Summer 2014 will see a multitude of tourists descend on Glasgow to celebrate the Commonwealth Games. Thousands of spectators will be filling the various stadiums, pools and veladroms to cheer on their nations representatives in the hopes of winning Commonwealth

Wanting To See The World? Six Careers That Allow Or Encourage Travel

Wanting To See The World- Five Careers That Allow Or Encourage Travel

What if somebody told you that not only did you have the opportunity to travel to gorgeous faraway destinations for work, but that you had to? While there are plenty of careers that obviously require travel, there are also many

The most Romantic islands where you enjoy best Valentine’s ‘Day

Valentine’s Day is ahead now, question increases in the brain where to go to enjoy the best day with Girlfriend or wife to making it memorable. Here in below we have chosen few globe’s most wonderful and loving location for couples. The Maldives Maldives

Top 5 Things to do in Croatia


If you’re visiting Croatia for the first time and you’re not sure where to go or what to do, here is a solution for you! Having in mind that the country has a rich and diverse tourist offer, I’ll present

Five Great Ways To Enjoy Visiting The Rockies

Five Great Ways To Enjoy Visiting The Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are a diverse stretch of high mountain peaks in western North America. They stretch from British Columbia in the north to New Mexico in the south. Much of the land in the Rockies is protected by federal