How Christmas is celebrated in Vietnam.

Christmas in Ho Chi Minh city

Christmas Eve is celebrated more enthusiastically than the Christmas day in the Vietnam. No so many people are Christians in Vietnam but still you will see the masses going to midnight mass services. Christmas is one of the four major annual religious events celebrated in Vietnam. The Christmas Eve is enjoyed by even non Christians with gusto. Vietnam remained under French rule for many years so the touches of French culture are prominent here at Christmas. What Vietnamese do at Christmas? Let me tell you.

Celebration of Jesus birth day:

Vietnamese celebrate Christmas as the birth day of Jesus which is known as “kito” here. The celebrations are with gusto and lot of fun. Phat Diem Cathedral in Ninhbinh is the holiest place for Christian community and people visit this on Christmas Eve.  It is the spiritual home for many Catholics.

Activities In churches:

Many churches have nativity scenes and crèches.  These scenes include the amazing statues of Jesus, marry, baby Jesus, josephs, and shepherds. The size of these statues varies depending on the life-size of creatures. People look and observe these statues to instill in themselves the essence of their religion. They learn the lesson of peace, harmony and sacrifice from the fathers in churches.

Activities of the young people:

The Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are very active in Christmas celebrations. Mostly the young people go to the city center where there is catholic cathedral. You will see the streets crowded on Christmas Eve. The cars are banned at night in these crowded places. Young people enjoy the Christmas and make their memories beautiful.

Major celebrations:

People usually show their excitement by throwing confetti, taking pictures, enjoying the lights of big hotels and entertain themselves with Christmas decorations. When I was in Vietnam I enjoyed the Christmas celebrations and took lots of pictures. I designed such striking photos onto canvas to refresh and share such pleasant memories with friends.

Christmas decorations:

The commercial buildings are decorated with beautiful lights. The parks, café and restaurants are lit by multicolored lights. People decorate their houses and streets with big crib scenes. The Christmas tree is decorated with red and green baubles and mostly the leaves are painted with light purple spray.

Christmas meal:

You will find much influence of French culture on Vietnamese. The Christmas meal here is called “reveillon’ and has a ‘bûche de Noël’ that is a chocolate cake in the shape of log.

Christmas gifts in Vietnam:

People in Vietnam love to give the food items: cookies, chocolate cake and candies as gifts. Other gifts are not common. However the young ones do present each other the greeting cards.

These are the ways in which Vietnamese celebrate their Christmas.

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