City Slicker – 5 Incredible Big Cities You Need to Visit Before You Die

city slicker

Some view big cities as urban paradises while others view them as claustrophobic little cages. Regardless of what you think about big cities, they are some of the best places to visit because of the history and sights. There are plenty of cities that you would never want to live in, but they are great places to visit. Here are five incredible big cities you need to visit at some point in your life if you want to truly immerse yourself in rich culture and atmosphere.

Hong Kong

China’s big cities are growing at a staggering pace, but Hong Kong still reigns supreme over Beijing and Shanghai. Perhaps the most fascinating part of Hong Kong is its remarkable growth. As China’s economy continues to boom, Hong Kong continues to grow. Because it is located on a relatively small island, Hong Kong can only grow vertically, and its skyscrapers are truly inspiring. If you’ve never visited Asia, Hong Kong is a great place to start. It’s relatively westernized, so you won’t experience such severe culture shock. However, between the food, entertainment, and shopping, you’ll be able to experience as much of the culture as you can handle.

city slicker - Hong Kong

New York

New York is perhaps the most famous city in the world, and its fame is understandable. New York’s history is rich for such a young nation, and Manhattan’s skyline tops most lists. New York features world-class museums, phenomenal dining options and one of the most diverse population on the planet. According to the professionals of a taxi service called Style Transportation, you can easily see the amazing sights in New York within a matter of days due to the size of the city as well as the plethora of transportation options. Whether you walk, take a taxi, take the subway, or a bus, you have plenty of ways to get where you want to go—and get there fast. Everyone should make it a point to spend a bit of time in the Big Apple at some point in their lives.


Paris is a somewhat cliché destination, but its fame is wholly justified. Paris offers remarkable history, and its sights are unrivalled. It is also home to a wide range of museums, and all travelers will find something to peak their interest. While much of Paris has changed little over the centuries, it also has a modern vibe and core area that gives visitors great nightlife options while exploring the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and other famous landmarks. If you’re looking for a city that has a great mix of time periods, you can get it all in Paris.

city slicker - Paris

Mexico City

For the more adventurous travellers, Mexico City is a destination more off the beaten path, but certainly worth visiting. Mexico City is known for its vibrant streets. While it lacks a traditional skyline, its street festivals and other outdoor activities are among the most enjoyable in the world. No big city can rival Mexico City in terms of vibrancy and culture. If you’re intrigued by authentic Mexican food, and want to experience the local culture right along with the locals, consider this city for a bright and exciting trip.


Tokyo’s metropolitan area is the largest in the world, and it is a model of modern design. Everything about Tokyo seems modern, and its efficiency is unmatched. However, those who visit the city will find that traditional Japanese culture permeates all aspects of it, and it is a great place to try different types of food and explore a fascinating culture. It is also an international city that offers many opportunities for its visitors. The culture of Tokyo is one that honours tradition, however, they also embrace progress and technological advancement. This combination provides any visitors with a perfect mix of the traditional Japanese culture coupled with an almost futuristic atmosphere of advancement.

city slicker - Tokyo

Big cities aren’t for everyone, however, most people can tolerate a few intense days in a big city. If you plan to visit a big city, you don’t need to stay for days or weeks—you can plan a quick weekend trip to see the sites and get a good feel for the culture. Most of the cities listed above will likely smack you in the face with their culture, so you’ll feel immersed very quickly. Any adventurous soul should try to explore at least one of these cities before the end of their life.

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