Come Explore The Beaches Of Palm Coast, Florida!

Palm Coast is located in northeast Florida, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Many people choose to live in this quieter community, with smaller crowds and the benefit of the beautiful (and uncrowded!) Palm Coast and Flagler County beaches. As a family vacation destination, Palm Coast is unexcelled, with many opportunities for beach rental properties from condos and townhouses to private homes.

The Exquisite Beaches

The beaches in this part of the Sunshine State are unique for their “cinnamon” sands, a limestone mix containing ground coquina shell and coral. This gives the sand a brownish tint that is quite exceptional. Coquina was used in building many of the historic sites along Florida’s First Coast, and you can explore fascinating rock formations made from this material on the shores of Washington Oaks State Park Beach. The occasional coquina “boulder” appears on Cinnamon Beach as well.

Florida’s Attractions

Whether you are planning a vacation at the beach or are just coming in for the day, there is always plenty to do. The natural beauty of the northeastern Florida coast begins with sunrise, a spectacular event best enjoyed right on the sands at the edge of the surf. You’ll also want to be on hand for low tide, when a wide assortment of treasures (newly washed in by the current) is deposited for your inspection. Sharks’ teeth are always a popular find, and the shelling along Palm Coast beaches is amazing!

Beach Activities

As the tide comes in, enjoy surfing, boogie-boarding, and simply splashing in the waves of Crescent Beach and St. Augustine Beach. And if you are lucky enough to stay in the Cinnamon Beach condos or an oceanfront resort such as Ocean Hammock, you have access to private Cinnamon Beach, a splendid strip of shoreline with gentle surf and pristine sands.

When afternoon turns to evening, many beaches in the Palm Coast area are open to dogs. In Palm Coast, dogs must be leashed on the beach to the south beyond S. 10th Street, but they may run free on the beach to the north beyond N. 10th Street. Dog-friendly beaches are a big draw in Palm Coast, and many rental properties allow you to bring one or two well-behaved pets.

At the end of the day, as you make your way home, look for sea turtle nests at the edge of the dunes on the sand. Several species of turtle nest between May and October, and often in the morning you can see the distinctive tracts that turtles make through the sand into the ocean!

If you miss turtle season, you may be visiting at just the right time for whale watching! From December to March, Right Whales, members of the family of Baleen Whales, come within a half a mile of the Palm Coast shore to give birth and nurse their young! During this time, Palm Coast residents and visitors alike come to the beach to watch the whales rising above the waves for air. A beachfront or oceanview rental property on Palm Coast or Flagler County Beach is a prime location from which to view this very special occurrence.

Theme Parks & Other Attractions

While staying at a Palm Coast beach, be sure to take time to explore some of the other natural wonders of this coastal region. Within city limits you will find parks and nature reserves with hiking trails and areas for exploring sand dunes, natural shorefront land, and bird refuges. This part of the northeastern Florida coast is teeming with natural beauty and unspoiled waters to be enjoyed. Palm Coast beaches and parks are family-friendly, clean and open to everyone interested in discovering a beautiful corner of Florida’s Atlantic coast.

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