Cruising the Beautiful Moscow Rivers


Who doesn’t love cruises? The world is such a diverse place to explore by water, and Russia with its beautiful Moscow capital, will definitely leave you speechless. Not many people see Russia as a travel destination because of its cold temperatures; nevertheless, cruising the Moscow Rivers under the afternoon sun can be an unforgettable experience. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and enjoy supreme relaxation on a cruise along the Volga.

Getting ready for the cruise

If you’ve decided to take a cruise on the Moscow Rivers, make sure to buy yourself a ticket from Kievskaya metro station, close to the river pier. Hop on board and prepare to be amazed. Generally speaking, boats depart every 20 minutes, especially during the warm season when the weather is extremely soothing.

The two-level retro ships are extremely comfortable for travelers. They’re got covered seating as well as open-air areas in case you want to have a better look at the surrounding attractions. Indoor guests can have coffee, relax, or socialize with the other tourists. Don’t expect anything fancy as these short cruises won’t take more than 90 minutes. The truth is, you don’t need luxury to admire Moscow’s greatest travel spots, so have your camera prepared to take some amazing shots with your favorite attractions.

Some of the attractions you can admire from the boat are: the Novodevichy Convent, Gorky Park, Moscow State University, Statue of Peter the Great, the Kremlin, and of course, the unforgettable St. Basil’s Cathedral. As the boats get closer and closer to Moscow’s greatest attractions tourists will have great chances to photograph them and admire them from a distance.

Moscow – Russia’s most architectural cities

Moscow is Russia’s most architectural cities and one of the most impressive in Europe. The streets, the buildings, and even newly constructed edifices are just breathtaking. There are cruises that stop at the Kremlin from where you can walk back to explore the stunning Red Square and its dazzling surroundings. Don’t forget to visit the Novospassky Bridge, as well as its main sights namely, the Krutitskoye Podvorye Ecclesiastical Residence and the cultural Novospassky Monastery.

Moscow Rivers

Moscow has various types of cruises for travelers, so you’ll have the chance to see even more great places of interest. Two hour trips include visits to Gorky Park, Bolotnaya Ploshchad, and Sparrow Hills. The best time to enjoy a Moscow river cruise is from April to October, and prices are rather different from season to season. General admission starts at 450 rubles for adults, and 200 rubles for kids.

There’s nothing more enticing than a river cruise. And since we’re in Moscow, the experience will blow everyone’s minds. Cruising along the Volga River is the best way to explore the city’s finest attractions from a distance. This beautiful watercourse was entitled the Queen of Rivers, considering it’s the longest in Europe, and it will surely impress you with its diversified ecosystem and impressive scenery.

If you’re opting for a cruise along the Volga, you’ll have the chance to see numerous other cities as well, not just Moscow. Admire the superb sites of Volgograd, Nizhy, and Novgorod, and find out more about Russia’s customs and traditions.

Volga’s fauna

A Russian river cruise will allow tourists to admire the country’s very rich ecosystem. Volga was not affected by Moscow’s forceful industrialization process, and thus you’ll still be able to admire its untouched fauna and flora. Bald eagles, herons, beavers, and numerous species of birds are everywhere in Volga’s delta, which can be admired at the end of the Caspian Sea. The stunning area that surrounds the delta is just breathtaking, as millions of birds recreate a memorable environment.

Moscow Rivers1

Main cities

You cannot leave beautiful Russia without having seen its capital, Moscow. The dreamy metropolis is the perfect destination for couples who want to enjoy a romantic cruise and benefit from supreme relaxation. Run away from your daily lifestyle and hop on a Moscow river cruise with your loved one. The wonderful settings, calming waters, and cultural attractions will make your trip a perfect experience. Moscow has so many interesting attractions to exhibit, so a cruise is the best way of seeing them all in one day.

Begin your adventure with Terem Palace, one of the most amazing from the Kremlin structure and move to the State Museum to find out more about Russia’s impressive Stone Age collection. For a bit of recreation, Gorky Park is a fine place to escape the busy streets of Moscow and delight in some genuine recreation.

Overall, there’s no doubt that Moscow is an exceptional metropolis where a river cruise is more than advised if you want to admire its architecture from a distance. Don’t forget to take beautiful photos, and last but not least, have the greatest time with your loved one and try to overlook the chilly weather conditions.

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