Delicious Snacks that Are Great to Pack When Traveling

Delicious Snacks that Are Great to Pack When TravelingWhen planning a road trip or vacation, consider packing healthy snacks instead of purchasing food on the road. Healthy snacks do not need to be blasé or time consuming to prepare. In fact, with less than five minutes of prep, you can put together delicious gourmet treats.

In preparing for your trip, you will want to make sure that you have a cooler and ice packs to keep snacks cool and fresh. You will also need to shop for snack items. In fact, you can order snacks online and have them delivered to your door, which saves you a shopping trip when you are trying to pack. When selecting and buying snack items, consider how you will pair them.

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables

Cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and sweet pepper slices are great traveling snacks that pair well. Also, consider packing roasted chickpeas or kale chips.

Meats, Cheeses, and Crackers

Summer beef sausage pairs well with crackers and cheese. Many websites offer delicious gourmet foods; for example, Deli Direct is an ecommerce website where people can order Deli meats cheeses etc. Deli Direct Inc. offers several summer sausage selections, including a cajun sausage and a low-fat sausage. They also carry block cheeses and cheese spreads. Consider, pairing beef summer sausage with sun dried tomato and basil cheese and shredded wheat crackers. Or enjoy beef sausage with a garlic and herb cheese spread on a cream cracker. Extra sharp cheddar cheese with cajun sausage is also a great pairing.

Nuts and Trail Mix

Rich in protein, nuts are a great energy-boosting travel snack that pair well with meats and cheeses. Consider packing your favorite nuts, such as cashews, peanuts, almonds, and pistachios, or make your own trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, cereal, popcorn, or chocolate pieces. You can purchase trail mix pre-mixed for faster prep.

Fruits and Chocolate

For a sweet bite, pair fruit such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries, or bananas with milk or dark chocolate. Oranges can be sliced for easy snacking while traveling. Finally, consider pairing dried fruits such as cranberries, apple slices, or apricots.

A few minutes of prep will be enough to put together these savory snacks. Make sure to also pack bottles of spring water, fruit juices, or sparkling water to stay hydrated. With a little bit of prep, you will be well-prepared to hit the road.

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