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Boosted up from a small fishing village, Dubai has successfully earned the status of luxury city. The city is world famous for its breathtaking skyscrapers, resorts and exciting entertainment and leisure activities. Besides concrete wonders, city has also managed to provide wide array of indoor and outdoor entertainment to provide fun, excitement and thrill for people of all age group. If you are planning to visit this city during your vacations and worried thinking about how to add some thrill and adventure to your trip, I will suggest you to add some outdoor trips during your stay in the city. You will be amazed to watch untouched beauty of great outdoors of Dubai. You will surely get mesmerized watching picturesque landscapes, stunning seashores and magical deserts. Despite offering enchanting views, city’s outdoors also provide thrilling activities in water, land and air. Below I am going to discuss great outdoors with their respective outdoor activities they impart to entertain visitors.

 Dubai Sea Shores

With year round sunshine, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, sea shores of Dubai are best for sunbathing and other water based activities like dhow cruising, fishing, sailing, deep sea diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy watching, diverse range of aquatic animals like whales, dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, bottlenose dolphins. While deep sea fishing will let you hunt tuna, marlin, mackerel and barracuda. April to September is considered to be the best time for fishing. If you don’t want to get deep in water you can enjoy sailing, at any of the sailing club like Dubai Offshore or Jebel Ali sailing clubs. The climate is ideal to support all kind of water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing and seaplane trip.

Dubai Deserts

The magical deserts and sand dunes of Dubai are also rich in natural beauty. On a day trip to desert you can explore sand dunes and wild life. Adventure lovers can enjoy several sand adventures like sand boarding, sand skiing, quad biking, camel and horse riding and desert safari trip on 4X wheeler.  Besides thrill, you can exotic Arabian dance, music with dinner after evening in camps. You can even grab your personal tent and enjoy spending the whole night under stars in deep silence of deserts. If you want to enjoy at maximum level, it is best to start your desert trip early in morning or in evening, due to scorch temperature during day hours. Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Dibba Mountains are few outstanding mountains offering excellent adventures like hiking and trekking for those who want to add some thrill. Don’t forget to pack necessary things like food, water, extra clothes and sun protection accessories like sun block, hats and goggles.

Air Trip

Air Trip

Dubai Air Adventures

The city has also made some special arrangements to provide endless trill and excitement beyond sand and water. You can explore great architecture and glorious landscapes, beautiful seashores and deserts while flying up in the air. Flying clubs offer sightseeing flight tours of Dubai city.You may opt to fly via plane, helicopter or even hot air balloon ride. It will be an exciting activity to fly over skyscrapers, sea shores and deserts. You can hire an aircraft to enjoy watching city with your family. Or if you are bit more enthusiastic to experience the thrill, flying clubs will even allow you to pilot your plane, if you have already know flying. Sky diving is another extremely daring adventure for those who love to experience such thrills. Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub is city’s famous club where you can enjoy this unforgettable thrill and excitement.

Dubai is not only the home of luxury properties and super tall skyscrapers rather it also has beautiful outdoors that are equally alluring and exciting and capable to provide fun and excitement for everyone exploring Dubai outdoors.

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