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Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that have undergone rapid progress in a very short period of time. Primarily, the city was a small fishing village. Later it started trading pearls. Soon after the discovery of oil in 1966, the emirate undergoes tremendous progress and has become a vibrant trading port and a fastest growing metropolis on the earth. The emirate is ideally located in the central position of Arabian Gulf region and is serving as the Gateway between the east and west.

Besides possessing stunning skyscrapers, the emirate also offers a lot to everyone including entrepreneurs, job seekers, residents, tourists and travellers  Job seekers and business persons can avail excellent investment and career oriented job opportunities, whereas travellers and tourists can enjoy endless entertainment and leisure activities. Realizing the importance of travel and tourism industry for economic progress of the city, State government and developers started paying special focus to boost travel and tourism industry in the City. They planned to work on strategy and built-up luxury hotels, comfortable and affordable short term rentals to provide accommodation facilities for all kind of visitors.

Moreover, they also constructed several entertainment spots filled with endless leisure and fun activities. Entertainment places of the city are diverse enough to execute the needs of people of all age groups and tastes. Travellers  holiday makers and even honeymooners who love to take an adventurous holiday trip will find lot of adventurous and fulfilled activities during Dubai adventure trips.

Famous Dubai Adventure Trips

Despite of being a desert, travellers can enjoy several Dubai adventure trips. Tourists and travellers who love adventure trips will also find several adventure trips like skiing, camel riding, desert safari and hot air balloon trip of city. Below are the few of the world famous Dubai adventure trips.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is the most famous Arabian adventure trip of all Middle Eastern countries. Dubai possesses magical deserts where you can feel amazing silence. Various travelling companies offer thrilling and exciting desert safari trips of variable duration starts from few hour trip of early morning desert safari that can extend to evening or even till dinner in the desert. 4×4 wheelers are available on rent with or without drivers. Enthusiastic individuals and nature lovers who want more excitement and thrill can enjoy driving latest model of fully automatic two-seater sand dune buggies. It allows them to enjoy real feeling of wind blowing in deserts. Moreover, you can also watch unique flora and fauna of desert plants, migratory birds and wild life. Trip organizers also provide water, soft drinks and delicious food to travelers during the trip.


Usually fun lovers are well aware of skiing on ice but sand skiing has also become a famous sport all around the world especially in Middle Eastern Countries. Sand boarding or sand skiing is a perfect game for speed lovers. What you need to do is strapping your feet on board, take a deep breath and allow yourself to run down the steep sides of sand dunes. Those who want to experience some unusual fun and excitement and love heights should try sand skiing. Although the game is full of thrill but it is very safe. It would be the really great experience for those who have already experience adventure and excitements of water, ice and street skiing. Special type skis are used for skiing. Usually high sand dunes of interior deserts of Dubai are chosen for this purpose. Depending on your level of interest you can even enjoy sand-skiing half-day or even whole day.

Camel Riding

Whether you have come on a holiday trip with your friends or with your whole family, camel riding will be the real entertainment as well excitement. Camels are also known as ship of deserts and Bedouins were used them to travel across the city. Camel riding has become an adventure trip for travellers and tourists visiting Dubai. Tourists can enjoy short pleasant camel ride under supervision of well trained professionals. It will be really a great fun riding on the back of camel and exploring real ambience and tranquillity of deserts. You will be able to watch beautiful and breathe taking shades of sun in the evening that can be an unforgettable sight for visitors. 

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is another exciting and adventurous activity for enthusiastic travelers who love to go on adventure trips. Dubai is a perfect fishing spot for those who love deep sea fishing. The warm waters of Arabian Gulf and fishing is the perfect combination to enjoy. Professionals to beginners can equally enjoy fishing because several trip organizing firms provide professional instructors to guide beginners. What you need to do is to jump in sports fishing boat which are well fitted with everything required to enjoy fishing. You can test your fishing skills by catching your very own fish. The sea of Dubai is known as a home for biggest Sailfish habitats in the world, whereas other types of fish you can find there include Queen Fish, King Fish, Barracuda, Tuna and grouper. You can also enjoy taking pictures during fishing trip to maintain beautiful memories of your trip.

Desert Wonders

Despite of showing tremendous growth in almost every field including construction of city’s infrastructure, the Emirate still has beautiful deserts where tourists and holiday makers explore and have fun with several desert wonders. Dubai deserts offer several unique fun and entertainment activities for visitors who are coming to enjoy real thrill of exciting sand sports. They can also relax in an Arabian atmosphere. Arabian tent/Bedouins sittings provide various activities like belly dancing, BBQ, henna painting activities for men and women. You can’t resist yourself to dance on beautiful Arabic tunes.

Dune Diving

Dune Diving will enable you to experience roller-coaster ride experience. You will experience real thrill of danger riding in powerful 4x4s vehicles. A professional driver slowly climbs to a heighted sand mountain, after reaching on its peek driver suddenly increases the speed and takes a very sharp turn down the sand dune. It sounds very dangerous but you will be safe as the drivers are very expert. The feeling is so real and you will be feeling like diving.

Dubai Helicopter Tour

Dubai helicopter tour is extremely exciting and exotic way to explore the city of wonders. You can even book a small trip of 20 min to longer duration trip of 45 min. It can be unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. Imagine you will be flying over the city of wonders and enjoy beautiful sights of tall skyscrapers and beautiful man made islands like Palm Islands, Jumeriah Islands and World Islands. Local trip organizers also operate several helicopter trips to amuse tourists and adventurous holiday makers.

Dubai Seaplane Tour

Seaplane tour is another way to explore beautiful sights of this ultra modern city. You can enjoy beautiful views from Fujairah to Dubai. You can watch famous landmarks of the city during seaplane tour including Palm Jumeriah, World Islands, Jebel Ali Port, Dubai Marina, worlds only seven star hotel Burj Al Arab, historic Dubai Creek and Burj Khalifa. Usually trip organizers offer three different types of seaplane tours Silver-40 min, Pearl-30 min and Gold is an exclusive trip of whole city that let you explore this place like a bird.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride is the best way to watch amazing landscape of deserts. Floating at the height of 3,000 feet over the sand in a hot air balloon is very exciting and thrilling. It is suitable for all type of people. Even you can enjoy this ride with your family and kids with minimum age of 5 years. Hot air balloon rides are extremely exciting leaving you surprised with unforgettable memories. You can enjoy watching shimmering golden sand dunes, green oases, blue skies and rare flora and fauna of deserts. It is a thrilling activity but totally safe for everyone.  You can feel the cool down air as hot air balloons float just above the red dunes. Other sightseeing you can enjoy during the trip is the moon like landscape of rugged Hajjar Mountains on the east side and ultra modern skyscrapers of Dubai on the west.

Hatta Tour

It is approximately eight hour trip of stunning Hatta Village. You will be travelling on a four wheel drive on sand dunes of Dubai deserts. Hatta is a heritage of this emirate. It is 200 year old village located on the rough Mountains of Hajjar. You will be exploring Wadis, rocky landscapes and small settlements. You can also stop at famous Friday Market to buy local potteries, carpets and other traditional items. Further tourist can enjoy continental foods at Hatta Fort Hotel.


Dubai is considered among incredible tourism spot which is capable to satisfy tourists and travellers of all ages with different taste and preferences. It can serve as romantic place, heaven for shoppers and a thrilling and exciting place for adventure lovers by offering several adventure trips.

Author Bio: David Marsha is a passionate blogger and research writer for Abu Dhabi Real EstateCompany and has significant information about various Dubai hotels.

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