Early Mexican Mayan Architecture & Temples

Chechen Itza Mexico, Mayan Ruins

It can be said both by residents and citizens of Mexico as well as tourists and visitors that Mexico has a very rich and varied history when it comes to architecture.   Indeed there are many historical archeological sites known around the world – such as Chechen Itza , other little more than earthen mounds .  Still in addition are buildings in the cities and towns that harken back to an early , and later colonial Spanish past.  Lastly there is no shortage of “modern” buildings and their architecture and architectural hallmarks.

Mayan Temples & Pyramids:

Chitzen Itza Mexico, Mayan RuinsIt can be said no doubt that the first great architects of Mexico and “Mesa-America”   were the Maya.  The Mayans constructed numerous ceremonial centers connected by straight , wide roadways of crushed limestone called “sache”.  Indeed the Maya and Mayan constructed buildings took three main forms overall :  the “pyramid”  or pyramids , often with a temple capping the summit: the “palace” variety often consisting of a central court surrounded by chambers and a ball court- a flat wide area used for playing a mysterious yet presumably ( by modern sociologists and archeologists) most sacred ball game.

The  Ceremonial Center of Teotihuacan:

Another early site is the ceremonial center of Teotihuacan, northeast of what is now  present day Mexico City.  Even with all the sophisticated tools that researchers have available in 2012 no experts in these fields has ever been able to authoritatively state  who  or what groups actually built this city, Later on in time and time periods this city  was taken over and inhabited by a sub group which has become known and identified as the “Toltecs.”  This city area known as”Teotihuacan “featured architecture on a most impressive level which is never to be forgotten by tourists  and Mexican visitors as well . What they are shown are Pyramids whose sides slope work to create an overall  impression portraying the greatest mass and power.  They feature a sort  of stucco relief exhibiting sets of  murals with  carved heads of various deities , that are said to frequently resemble animals and animal figures. The “Zapotecs”  who dominated  the Valley of Oaxaca, in Southern Mexico , created Monte Albain a ceremonial center on top of a hilltop, that they were somehow able to totally flatten with their technologies.  Its ball court , raised platforms  and temples bear the direct influence and influences  of Teotihuacan Maya architects and planners  as well as the Pre-Classic Olmec people who inhabited the coastal regions of the present day states of Tabasco and Veracruz.

Travelers to Mexico Will Find Not One Country But a Rich Varied Combination of Many:

While modern day Mexico is viewed on a map to travelers as one country in reality Mexico is a combination and alloy of many different geographical groups many with different and varied cultures , people’s and histories.  Visitors and  tourists to Mexico will surely not be disappointed.

Sylvia Morelos

Morelos lives to tour the Mayan Temple ruins at Chichen Itza  expounding their wonders to tourists , travelers , visitors to the Yucatan regions of  Mexico. Indeed even friends admit that of all their Mexican acquaintances Morelos is the Mayan expert. Even though its a fair hike from Cancun Sylvia will insist that her dog Negra will tell you its worth the trek to Chechen Itza

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