Escaping the Winter Cold by Travelling to St. Lucia


Regular winter weather is bad enough – and that’s without the Polar Vortex to contend with. This year, North America is being hit by record subzero temperatures, and many are seriously considering an impromptu retreat to warmer places. Across the Atlantic in the UK, temps may not be nearly as frigid, but a week or two in warmer places doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea.

The Polar Vortex may be sending tendrils into North America, but its effects are less dramatic down in the Caribbean. With that in mind, destinations like St Lucia are still ideal for a mid-winter retreat. This lush, rainforest-cloaked island rises dramatically out of the Caribbean, where it hosts a posh spread of luxury resorts and villas.

But there’s a lot more to St Lucia than up-market accommodation. This Caribbean gem offers a range of outdoor activities and some of the finest panoramic views you’ll find anywhere on the planet. By all means, log some time on the beach soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the warmth. That said, don’t restrict yourself to the beach in St Lucia – there’s plenty to keep you occupied in this warm-weather paradise.

The following are among the leading activities to enjoy in St Lucia:

Try your hand at kite surfing
St Lucia is an ideal destination for kite surfing, thanks in no small part to the constant breezes over the bay and the lack of shallow, underwater obstacles. If you’ve never tried kite surfing, consider booking an all inclusive St Lucia experience that includes the possibility of side activities such as this. There are plenty of outfitters and operators on the island who offer beginner packages to get you started in the sport.   

Hike the interior
St Lucia’s jungle-clad interior is well-managed, with countless trails available. If you’d prefer to cut to the chase, then head for the Barre de l’Isle Trail, which is centrally located on the island. The trail is only a little over a mile long, so it’s easy to complete in about an hour. The trail can be hiked independently, or you can charter a guide to go with you.

Go mountain biking
Many visitors spend at least a day or two hiking the jungle trails and ascending to high-flying vantage points where the views are spectacular. If you’re looking for something more adventurous than a jungle trek, consider joining a mountain bike tour of the interior. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to experience the interior. As a bonus – a day of cycling can help you feel better about kicking back on the beach with a cocktail in hand in the evening. 

Tour on horseback
If you prefer four legs to two wheels, book a tour of the countryside on horseback. There are stables across the island, and you’re also likely to see horse handlers on the beach offering affordable, half-hour rides along the coast. Longer two- and three-hour tours can also be arranged, and some include a barbecue lunch. 

Cast a line in the Caribbean
St Lucia has a reputation for deep-sea fishing, as the waters are home to sailfish, barracuda, tuna and blue marlin. Several boat operators on the island offer half- and full-day fishing excursions. Talk with your travel agent or hotel for specifics on how to set up an outing.  

Explore the reefs
No visit to the Caribbean is complete without a scuba diving adventure. St Lucia’s reefs are highly prized on the international diving circuit. If you know the ropes, renting equipment is easy. Otherwise, local diving operators offer certification courses to get you started. The Anse Chastanet reef is particularly well-known, and it starts just a few metres offshore. That means you don’t even need to charter a boat in order to enjoy a world-class dive.

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