Essential Sights Of Barcelona

Buzzing with culture, art and architecture, Barcelona is a city where you can never be short of something to see or do. This busy, cosmopolitan city is nestled on the beaches of the Mediterranean offering a combination of exciting city life and lazy beach relaxation. With so many sights to choose from we have compiled a list of the ones you should definitely not miss.

La Ramblas

This eclectic tourist trap stretches for 1.2 km through the centre of Barcelona down towards the beach. Packed with jostling tourists there are many sights to be seen. Famous for its street performers and human statues, many of Spain’s performers flock here to take advantage of the sheer amount of tourists. The pedestrianized street is lined by two busy one-way roads and lined with busy cafes and restaurants. The centre of the street is filled with various market stalls selling tourist souvenirs, handmade gifts and even live animals. However, the street is also well known for its pick pockets who take advantage of the packed crowds and vulnerable tourists. The roadside cafés can also be vastly over priced in comparison to other eateries in the city.

La Sagrada Familia

Probably one of the most famous and iconic building in the city, the Sagrada Familia towers over the Barcelona streets. Designed by the world famous architect Gaudi, this sacred church began construction in 1882 and is still being built to this day. Scaffolding and building material peppers the outside of this striking building with the project aiming to be completed by 2026. The amazing architecture of this building includes sculptures adorning the outside of the building representing biblical events such as the nativity and the passion of Christ. The interior of the church is just as striking although they now charge a fee for entry. You can take a lift up the towers and walk across the connecting bridge for spectacular views of the city and close up encounters with the intricate sculptures.


Being a city of so much culture, Barcelona is awash with fantastic museums celebrating its artistic history. A museum dedicated entirely to the works of Picasso documents his works of art from his blue period to his well-known famous abstract paintings. If you prefer to take in modern art then the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art houses a collection of pieces from all over the world. The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya has a vast collection of Catalan art and design spanning many centuries. If you have an interest in Maritime history then a trip aboard the Museu Maritim allows you to experience what life was like aboard Don Juan of Austria’s medieval warship.


Getting away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, Montjuic Park is an oasis of calm. Wandering around their vast botanical gardens, visitors can also enjoy spectacular views across Barcelona. If you venture here towards dusk you can catch one of the famous Monjuic Magic Fountain shows. Set to a spectacular backdrop of classical music and an illuminating light show, it is the perfect way to watch the sun go down over the hills of Barcelona. Revisting the works of Gaudi, visitors to Park Guell can soak up some more of his fantastic architecture. Although the park originally started off as a housing project, transforming it into a park has created an area of peace and tranquillity within the city.

The Beach and Sea

A trip to Barcelona would not be complete without a lazy day on the beach. Sunbathers can take advantage of the hot summers to top up their tans. The beach is surrounded by hip and lively beach bars serving an array of food and cocktails. One of the best ways to see the coast of Barcelona is from the sea itself. The port of Barcelona runs many open top boat trips each day where you can relax and experience Barcelona from a different angle.

Barcelona is a city that offers the best of both worlds, our list of sights to see allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of this vibrant city whilst still being able to enjoy the rest and relaxation of its many parks and picturesque beaches.

This post was provided by Michelle, a keen travel who spent three years living in Barcelona. Michelle enjoys eating out and playing Woman’s Own Magazine Bingo online. 

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