Facts About The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil is set to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a global soccer tournament that is bringing international attention to the country. Here is a fact sheet that should Here is a quick rundown of information that will keep you in the know before the games commence.

  • Brazil hosted the World Cup for the first time in 1950 and won the bid to host the 2014 games a bit coincidentally. What had happened was Argentina had expressed interest in a bid, but never pursued one. Fellow South American country Colombia had officially entered their bid, but removed it when they decided to host the youth-specific 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup instead. Just like that, Brazil was left by default to host the 2014 World Cup.
  • After the host country was determined, individual cities within Brazil placed their own bids as host cities in which the actual matches would be played. Overall, 12 cities were chosen out of 17 bids.  Typically FIFA only allows between 8-10 host cities, but Brazil asked special permission for 12.
  • In order for Brazil to effectively host the World Cup, they need 12 fully-functioning stadiums that are fit for hosting World Cup-sized crowds. The plan was to build six new stadiums specifically for the World Cup, remodel five pre-existing stadiums, and fully demolish, then rebuild, one stadium.
  • At first, there was a unanimous agreement to host the opening match in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo. However, the financial backing needed to renovate the Morumbi stadium there could not be guaranteed and the stadium was disqualified from use.
  • The stadium project alone is estimated to cost about $1.1 billion. Stadium capacities will range from about 42,000 to 76,000 seats.
  • The marketing for the games has already been developed. A logo of three hands in the shape of the iconic trophy has been unveiled and named “Inspiration” by the design agency. The official slogan will be “All In One Rhythm” and the official mascot if a colorful armadillo named Fuleco. The official matchball is the Adidas “Brazuca”, which is slang for “Brazilian”.
  • The official start date for the 2014 World Cup finals will be Thursday, June 12 and the final match will take place a month later on Sunday, July 13.
  • The FIFA World Cup is regularly the most-watched television program in the world. In 2006, the final match garnered 715.1 million viewers globally.
  • This year will be the first year that goal-line technology will be used in the World Cup. Essentially, goal-line technology will help determine whether the ball has passed fully across the goal line. Sometimes called the Goal Decision System, the technology provides supplemental information to game officials when making goal calls and isn’t meant to replace officials.
  • If you’re looking to get tickets, they have already been on sale since August 2013. However, don’t let that discourage you – approximately 3.3 million tickets are going to be made available to the public. You can buy a majority of match tickets online at the FIFA website if you are planning a trip down to brazil during the games.

Emily Kaltman writes for Estancia Churrascaria, Austin’s first Brazilian steakhouse. She enjoys writing about South America and eating churrasco whenever possible.

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