Family fun

family fun

Family summer holiday are what memories are made of, I can still vividly remember long hot summers on the beach, laughing and splashing in the sea. Nowadays there are many destinations perfect for families, ranging from toddlers, younger children, to teenagers, all with a plethora of activities to keep the little darlings occupied. However, it’s the travel part that tends to test the stress levels!

“Are we nearly there yet?” Does this sound familiar? I can remember saying it myself, so it’s quite funny to hear it nowadays!

The overwhelming desire to get to the beach/pool means excitement has a tendency to boil over into tantrums and moods, which means the whole getting from home to destination business has a habit of being a little highly strung. There are ways to help make travelling with children easier, as well as exhaustion and over-excitement whilst you’re out there too.

The airport can be a testing experience at the best of times, add into the mix an overly-excited child and an early flight, or even a long-haul flight, and it’s a recipe for wanting to head back home! A good way to cut back on pre-flight tiredness is to pre-book a night in an airport hotel. Most large UK airports offer a selection, with a large range of Heathrow hotels on offer for cheaper and long-haul flights from the capital. With no need to get up quite so early to get to the terminal, more sleep is possible, and everyone knows that waking a sleeping child in the middle of the night is never a welcome experience! With this idea, you’re practically on the doorstep, and with shuttles regularly heading to the terminal door, you can leave it longer before you check-in. A good night’s sleep, a nice family meal and a reinvigorating shower, all means a happier start to travel day. If you’re flying more regionally, I can certainly recommend the Manchester Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, with a large range to choose from, at great prices.

Once you’re safely at your holiday destination, you’ll find the fun can really start, but that’s also where the expense can start! Maybe you’re travelling to Orlando with the kids for some Disney fun, and in that case I’d recommend doing a bit of research into dining plans before you travel. These can often be added to hotel bookings if you’re staying in the heart of the action, and will save you money whilst you’re out there. If you’re going for more of a beach break, look into the all-inclusive option, which similarly will help your bank balance. Drinks are included, so no more limiting the amount of soft drinks and worrying about the bill coming! You can often buy ice creams cheaper here too, so the kids can enjoy without you thinking of the cost.

I guess the main thing is to keep the kids occupied, meaning tiredness at night and better sleep! Grumpiness is often one of the main starts of bad days and arguments, so hit that on the head before it begins and you’re onto a winner. Excursions are a great way to do this – water-parks, days at the beach, jeep safaris, boat trips, these all mean sea air, fresh air, and tiredness when the sun goes down.

Those family holiday memories are precious, and whilst nobody can completely guarantee a stress-free holiday, keep on top of tiredness, boredom and sleep deprivation, and everyone will enjoy their time away – including you!

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