Five Health Tips for a Relaxing Flight Experience

Some people despise traveling by air because of the rumored inconveniences it brings. Sadly, there are many remedies that can easily be done for you not to experience most of it. You just need a few pieces of advice from the experts to see how you can make your air flight experience a breeze.


1. Drink enough fluids

This is one of the secrets of a comfortable ride on a plane. Most passengers complain of being dehydrated while on board because of the pressure you will experience in a higher altitude. However, it is best to stick with water or electrolytic drinks rather than fizzy and alcoholic drinks. Fizzy drinks has a tendency to expand while you reach higher altitude while alcoholic drinks will leave you going to the comfort room more frequently because it acts as a diuretic.


2. Choose Healthy Foods

If you engage in a long travel trip, then it helps to eat fruits and salads rather than meat, beans, chocolates and cheese. These foods are gas forming and can easily make your stomach swell uncomfortably leading you to a very terrible flight experience. Worst of all, you may find yourself staying inside the comfort room of the plane during the entire duration of the flight because of stomach trouble.


3. Engage in a Pre-flight Exercise

You need to keep your blood in proper circulation during your flight. To do so, experts recommend cycling, swimming, or jogging about half an hour before your expected flight. This means arriving at the airport two hours before the scheduled trip. You may find a fitness center at one of the airports in France and indulge in a short work-out or you can also walk around the airport while waiting for the call to board the plane.


4. Dose up on your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important supplements you should take and you should never forget to get a dose of it in high dosage before your flight. You are most likely to get expose with allergens brought by unwanted bugs that may have passed through the filtration system of the plane, but with a high dose of Vitamin C in your body then it could easily be prevented.


5. Early Dose of Beta Carotene

If Vitamin C is important before the take-off, then Beta Carotene should be taken three days prior to your trip for the power of Beta Carotene to be fully absorbed by your system. A glass of fresh carrot juice will help retain more oxygen in your blood stream, which will result to less tiredness even after a long flight experience.


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