Five Tips For Choosing the Safest Hotels in Town

There are two avenues for determining which hotels are the safest. In general, most articles about the safest hotels are addressing issues of hygiene. This is particularly true since there are well known cases of bedbugs in major cities in the United States. However, for issues of security, there are more circumstances to address than insects. In order to stay secure in another city while you are on business or vacation, five general tips are listed below.

Making sure your hotel is fire proof

The Palmer Hotel in Chicago has been advertised since the late 1800s as a fire proof hotel. Truthfully, its iron and brick construction means that it will withstand a blaze. Nonetheless, fire safety is not a general risk at most hotels. In order to operate and have a license, they must be within fire marshal safety codes. On the other hand, if you are using assistive equipment like a wheel chair, you will want to make sure you are closest to a fire exit. Since you will not be able to use an elevator, this means that you will need to be next to the stairs or on the first floor. In general, anything above the eighth floor will be much more difficult for firefighters to access with their ladders from the outside.

Preventing theft with statistics

Do you plan on doing a lot of shopping when you go on vacation? If this is the case, all of those items with their tags still on are easy for thieves to lift. Statistically speaking, most hotel theft will occur on the ground floor or the one above it. In these cases, be sure to choose one of the upper floors if you can. This means that a hotel that is completely built on one floor is less safe than a sky rise. If your only choice is to use a motel, pick the room furthest away from the parking lot.

Choosing hotels with a wall safe

Even if you feel protected at your hotel, you can increase the level of security for smaller possessions by placing them in a wall safe. It is not uncommon to have access to one in your room by request. Some of the models that you will find our automatic, stand alone, and wall mounted. Others are protected by the staff in the vault of the hotel. Depending on the item, you may find that it needs that extra ounce of vigilance that you can get from placing it in the hotel vault. This is especially true because you also can get an insurance voucher in this transaction.

Protecting the safety of your master code

One of the main issues with staying in a hotel and maintaining safety are the loose lips of the front desk staff. If they tell you what your room number is out loud, this can help you to get targeted later. Worse, if they tell you the master code to your room out loud, this information could wind up in the wrong hands. When this happens to you, you can easily correct the mistake the minute that it happens. Simply have them assign you a different room and tell them that you want them to write down the room number and the keypad number instead of telling you.

Basic tip to make any hotel stay safe

When you stay at a hotel, burglars are always looking for signs that you are not in your room. For this reason, you can trick people into thinking that you are there when you use the do not disturb sign instead of the makeup room sign. If you actually need the house cleaner service, you can always call housekeeping and informed them that you need your bed turned.

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