Four Trips You Need To Take Around North America

Want to plan a trip somewhere on the North American continent, but not sure where to start? Narrow down your options to four of the “must do” trips there are to take advantage of, and you won’t be sorry, no matter where you end up.

Manhattan: City Living

New York City is a sprawling metropolis with something to offer just about everyone. This city that never sleeps is famous for its fine food, shopping and entertainment–many people travel here just to take in a Broadway show. Plus, there are a multitude of different hotel options in the city, so you can choose from the most luxuriant or something more simple, whatever fits your needs and budget.

Niagara Falls: Sweeping Nature

North America also has some incredible, sweeping nature to offer, and no natural site can quite compare to Niagara Falls, which offers awe inspiring vistas, even for the most seasoned of travelers. Hotels near Niagara Falls are comfortable and plenty, or you can make plans to camp out or rent a log cabin. It will make for an unforgettable trip, and you will walk away with some amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

New Orleans: The Deep South

In the deep south, visitors are welcomed in and treated like long lost friends, experiencing quaint country living with some fantastic scenery and eats. One of the best examples of this is New Orleans, where locals breeze down the bayou in the day and jazz up the nights once the sun goes down. This city is chock full of history and cultural delights, and you can enjoy classic French architecture, spicy craw fish, and sweet sounds of the tuba trumpeting down the street.

Ontario: Explore Canada

No collection of North American travel sites would be complete without Canada, and most especially Ontario. Ontario is a beautiful, sophisticated city, that feels almost as if you’ve been transported to Europe. The backdrop is gorgeous, the food is international, and the lodgings are the top of the top. For hotels, Barrie Ontario has plenty to offer, from Monte Carlo Inns to small boutique hotels. There is something here for everyone.


Planning a vacation in North America can seem overwhelming at first, as there is so much to choose from. Narrow down your choices to make the task more manageable, and focus in on some of the top sites across the continent, to make for a trip you’re sure to remember.

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