Free Entertainment in Las Vegas


This might surprise you, but Las Vegas is one of the best places to go on a budget! Unless you are into gambling, of course, but that’s another story. The casinos have the scale and a stellar budget to invest in attracting millions of visitors each year, and this is sometimes done in surprising ways. Here is a list of some free and unusual treats – subject to change without notice, like casino décor, for new attractions, so double check before you leave!

For Chocolate Lovers

Travel to Las Vegas is not complete without visiting M&M World. It can be found next door to the MGM Grand hotel-casino and is a typical Vegas-scale attraction: a gift shop spread out across four floors. What could they possibly sell in terms of M&M  merchandise across four floors, besides M&M’s themselves, of course, you ask. This must be seen to be believed, simply to appreciate the scale of Las Vegas craziness, but here goes: customisable everything from tags to T-shirts, mugs and key chains, as well as your own personalised candy! Yes, you can get your name put on your chocolate – a useful feature if you have chocoholic housemates. There are also NASCAR-themed M&M products as well as an assortment of games and toys. Do not miss (as if that’s possible) the M&M “rainbow wall” – a great photo opp. You can also watch a short 3D movie, featuring… M&M’s. It’s best to visit here after you’ve had your dinner and dessert for the day, or your wallet might want to go on strike.

The above should also apply to Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson (15 min from the Strip), which will tempt you from the very start to the very finish of your visit. Free admission allows you to check out the all-important chocolate-making process and taste, taste, taste! Can you imagine a place full of pipes and tanks that can hold 35,000 gallons of chocolate at once? The people filling the tanks need to be securely attached, so they don’t fall into all the chocolate… sounds like a dream job to me! This place also provides mini cooler packs so your chocolates don’t melt! If you need a breather from all the excitement, also check out the extensive Botanical Cactus Gardens outside.

For Nature Lovers

Speaking of nature, the Flamingo has its own Wildlife Habitat, just in case you felt like being outdoorsy in Vegas! The place looks like a posh botanical garden with streams, waterfalls, trees, and stretches of grassy slopes, where many exotic birds, such as pink flamingos, pheasants, ducks, and black swans plus koi fish, yellow catfish and turtles do their thing. It’s a lovely oasis of serenity to escape to from all the Vegas neon. Another botanically-oriented place to visit is the Bellagio Conservatory,a beautiful atrium filled with carefully arranged flowers and plant displays, which change with the seasons. The casino’s horticultural team numbers a 120 people, so this is more like a Broadway production than a garden show: prepare to be dazzled! A must-see jaw-dropping Vegas-style experience.

For Show Lovers

On a slightly different note, the Silverton Hotel’s Aquarium is also quite a sight. The tropical 117,000-gallon saltwater tank features not only scores of colourful fish, sting rays and coral, but its very own..mermaids! That’s right, a team of ballet dancers and aquatic sports stars don their mermaid attire and perform underwater acrobatics for your viewing pleasure! Oh, and conveniently the Mermaid Cafe and Lounge is just next to the tank, in case you inevitably decide to linger a little longer…


Patricia Bieszk is a freelance writer who loves to discover new places, sometimes with mermaids in them.

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