Great Outdoor Activities to Do in Victoria, British Columbia

Juan de Fuca

There are really not that many areas across Canada which provides as many options when it comes to outdoor activities as well as the chance to take part in them all year round than in Victoria, British Columbia, along with the City’s surrounding area. It is very difficult to beat the city’s proximity to lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, and urban, suburban, wilderness as well as country locations. The moderate type of weather means that you can engage in any of your preferred outdoor sports as well as activities practically all throughout the year!

The city is surrounded by the beautiful ocean, and for sure you are aware that there are so many different ways and things that you can do in the water. Perhaps the very first thing that enters the mind is fishing; however, you also have other great things such as sailing, canoeing, kayaking and simply boating for enjoyment. In case you want to get directly in the water, then you have swimming, surfing and also scuba diving.

For those of you who prefer fresh water more over salty water, then there are several lakes that are just a few minutes drive away from downtown Victoria that you can go swimming, canoeing, fishing, and waterskiing in. Or, you can always just float along the surface of the water on your airbed with a cold drink in hand, if that happens to be your thing.

Camping is yet another extremely well-liked outdoor activity, and there are a number of great options in line with this within or in close proximity to the center of Victoria. Put a tent up or have your RV parked at a privately-owned camping site or in any of the local camping sites at Goldstream, French Beach, and along Juan de Fuca Local Park at Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Beach and China Beach. These British Columbia local parks have trails perfect for hikes as well as wilderness camping. Make it sure to check with the British Columbia Parks concerning registration, closures and rules prior you head on out.

You can also find other great outdoor wilderness activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, orienteering, hunting, spelunking or caving and, for those who are really brave, mushroom hunting! During winter time, a couple of minutes drive towards north to Mount Washington you will find a first-rate skiing resort which is fairly un-crowded and oftentimes boasts of having the deepest snow pack in all of North America.

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