Great Snacks To Take On A Flight Everyone Will Love

Great Snacks To Take On A Flight Everyone Will Love

Great Snacks To Take On A Flight Everyone Will LoveLet’s face it: Airplane food is not the best. Plus, many airlines no longer offer meals on flights that are not flying international routes. This means it is up to you to bring your own snacks for the flight or go hungry. Finding the perfect snack that will keep hunger pains away is easy.

Fruits and Veggies

Carrying fruit or vegetables on your flight is great choice for a filling snack that is healthy for you as well. Apples, pears and seedless grapes are a wonderful choice of fruit since they do not need to be peeled. You can carry a container of peanut butter or caramel to dip your apples. Baby carrots are a great vegetable to bring for your flight, since they are bite size and do require cleaning.

Cheese and Crackers

These snacks are crisp and salty, which will help satisfy your need to crunch. Crackers come in a variety of flavors to suit your tastes, and you can carry peanut butter or individually wrapped cheeses to make a proper snack. Cheese sticks are a savory snack to satisfy your taste buds. You can visit this page at to check out all the exciting flavors available. The cheese sticks with java cinnamon will calm your sweet tooth.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

If you are traveling with small children, you do not want them to have a high sugar snack like candy. Dried fruit is a great way to satisfy any sweet tooth without getting your hands messy like you would eating regular fruit. Nuts are a great source of protein that will help make you feel fuller until you land. Nuts and dried fruit offer a variety of flavors to suit even the most finicky eater.

Power Bars and Granola Bars

Power bars and granola bars are a great way to stave off hunger during a long flight and get some much-needed energy. These bars come in a variety of flavors with added ingredients like nuts and berries. You can pick up a box of these at any grocery store and put them in your bag for a quick snack when hunger strikes.


Flying can be a lot less stressful with a scrumptious snack to keep your hunger at bay and give your hands something to do other than clutch the hand rests. You can bring your own snacks, so that you have more options than reheated pasta or a bag of peanuts or pretzels.

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