A Guide To Self-Catering Cottages And The Advantages Of Staying In Them

When going on holiday one of the most important decisions you need to make is where you are going to stay in terms of accommodation. Many people would argue that this is the most crucial factor determining whether your vacation is a success or not. After all, if you are not happy with your hotel or cottage then you aren’t going to enjoy your holiday. Luckily, if you choose a self-catering cottage the margin for error is extremely small. This is a type of accommodation everyone should consider whenever they are planning their next holiday. Why? Read on to find out…


One of the main benefits you will gain via staying in a self-catering cottage is flexibility. You are not restricted to the hotels eating times or the food they serve. You don’t have to worry about the other guests. You don’t have to worry about the entrance to the hotel being shut if you come back late after a night of partying. A self-catering cottage essentially translates to your very own home for a week or two. You can eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever it suits you. You can cook it yourself or you can enjoy the restaurants and cafes in the area you are visiting. You don’t have to worry about what other guests are doing either. Your vacation is entirely in your hands and this is something people tend to greatly appreciate.

In addition to this, you will find that self-catering cottages tend to be a lot cheaper than other types of accommodation. Of course if you go for all-inclusive you can expect to spend a lot more. A lot of people think it is worth it because their food and drink is then catered to. However, many individuals find that once they get to the hotel in question the food and drink isn’t very forthcoming nor is there much choice and thus they end up spending money on this anyway. Furthermore, cottages in general tend to be the cheapest accommodation option. This is something that is rather ironic when you consider the fact that you benefit from more space, higher quality and generally a lot more for your money.

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that a cottage will offer you a much better experience. Cottages tend to be a lot more cosy and comfortable. You are not confined to a small and uncomfortable hotel room. In addition to this, this type of accommodation will really add the wow factor to your overall holiday. After all, most of the cottages available for rent are filled to the brim with character and tradition. This really adds something special and creates a vacation you won’t forget.

On a final note, you are more likely to benefit from the exact type of location you desire if you go for a cottage. Most hotels are located in busy mainstream areas. Not only can these be really busy but they can be very noisy as well. Thus, a lot of people prefer to stay a little bit further out so they can benefit from tranquillity and the best views. This is exactly what a self-catering cottage provides you with.

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