A Guide for Your Trip to Riga

Riga guide

Besides being the Latvian capital and one of country’s main harbors, Riga is also the largest city in the region. As of today, Riga is a major tourist destination where visitors can soak in wonderful atmosphere that includes a wonderful mix of ancient architecture and modern bars and restaurants. Riga was once an important medieval town through which Ridzene River flew. The narrow and twisted streets once characterized this ancient town. Riga as of today is a big city with a population of over eight hundred thousand people. Excursions in Latvia get a new meaning and dimension when you visit Riga and explore all major places that are worth a visit here. Besides the interesting places, shopping avenues, and restaurants, Riga is also an excellent place for backpackers as the topography of the region provides ample opportunities for the adventure seekers to try out many things!

Dome cathedral in Riga
Riga may be one of the most expensive cities in the Baltic region. However, you will not have a problem in finding accommodation in tune with your budget or eateries that will serve your type of dishes at economical prices. Therefore, if you are a budget traveler you can easily spend your time in Riga without having to spend so much money.

For those who are embarking on Riga tours there is good news. You will find many hostels in and around Riga that offer excellent services to its guests at affordable rates. Argonaut Naughty Squirrel Backpackers, City Lounge Hostel and Fun Friendly Franks Hostel are among the most popular and budget friendly hostels you can find in Riga. In fact, you can get a bed at any of these hostels at less than EUR10!

Riga is definitely one big you need to cover while you are on excursions in Latvia. The best part is that you need not consider it as waste of money in exploring popular attractions of the city if they charge their visitors. Instead, you can always walk down the narrow and winding streets that have gained recognition from UNESCO. Furthermore, there are Gothic and Romanesque architecture to be savored across different places in the Old Town area. The New Town, on the other hand, has several Art Nouveau edifices on display for you. All these things should certainly help you remain busy and happy for a long time!
There are many star attractions in and around Town Hall Square area of the Old Town. Once you are here, you can also see the House of Blackheads, St. John’s Church and St. Peter’s Church. All these places are interesting and unique in their own and are certainly worth a visit. The best part is that they are either free to enter or are really cheap.

Riga is not just a place where you can see a lot of things and do nothing. No doubt, it is a stunning city and there are many hotspots you would wish to cover sooner than later, but it is also a city that likes to enjoy all the time. In fact, locals love to drink and eat whenever the occasion is right. There are numerous bars, cafes, clubs, and restaurants across the city that adds to the charm of the city when night falls. If you are a tourist you should catch the frenzy of the city during these times. You will be transported to another world for sure!

Once you are done with Riga sightseeing there is so much more you can do in Latvia. For example, you can consider visiting Liepaja that is home to wonderful and silent beaches. A quick visit to the northern part of this city to a suburb called Karosta will bring back the old memories back into your mind as this was the place that once served as the military town for the Soviets. Latvia’s countryside also provides enough opportunities to check on some of the finest lakes, greenery, swooping valleys, wildlife, etc.

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