Hidden Prague – Unusual Aspects Of A Trip To The Czech Capital

A city that has flourished beautifully over the years, Prague is a stunning location to visit. Not only is this great destination the capital of the Czech Republic but it is also claims the grand title its largest city. Founded in the Romanesque era, the city is overflowing with culture, history and beauty. However Prague also boasts great, unknown adventure. Here are some unusual aspects of a trip to the Czech capital and some unique and wonderful places worth visiting.

iSegway tours

Those looking for an unusual way to see the stunning sights of Prague will find an iSegway tour is for them. Easy to control, segways are spectacular fun and will provide visitors with a unique way of seeing the city. As well as viewing some of Prague’s most famous sights such as the old town and the castle, tourists will be shown the hidden, enchanting wonders of Prague thanks to their native guide. With all guides able to speak fluent English, visitors need not worry about communicating; they can simply enjoy a fun-filled tour, visiting the hidden, fantastic locations that Prague has to offer.

iPilot Prague

iPilot Prague offers visitors a unique chance to become a pilot for the day. Those who have always imagined flying can take this incredible virtual trip around the world, flying over snow-coated mountains and sand-struck deserts. With four experiences to choose from, visitors are sure to find one perfect for them. From taking a 60 minute trip to the Big Apple and back, to choosing a ‘fear of flying’ program, this experience aims to please everyone. Visitors can choose between flying solo or sharing this unique experience with a friend. With a complimentary bottle of Bohemia Sekt given upon arrival, iPilot Prague will make for an unforgettable experience. 

Zoo Keeper for the day

Prague Zoo is an undoubtedly amazing place to visit but this experience allows visitors to see the zoo from an unusual, alternative angle. An ideal experience for lovers of animals, visitors can take up the role of being a zoo keeper and discover what it is like to look after an array of wild animals. From looking after the big mammals to taking care of a selection of rare and spectacular birds, tourists will be given a choice of experiences, enabling them to find one perfect for them. With expert supervision provided, visitors need not fear for their safety; they will be able to feed and play with the animals completely fear free. Thanks to the free t-shirt and trousers supplied, visitors won’t need to worry about getting their clothes mucky either. With nothing to fear or worry about, visitors are bound to have the time of their life on this unique experience.

Bar and Books

A Lime and Tonic experience, this unique whiskey bar allows visitors to taste a selection of the world’s finest and most rare whiskeys. From enjoying a splendid Tomatin 18y to a shot of Highland Park 18y, tourists will experience some of the best whiskeys in the world. With its sophisticated seating and elegant atmosphere, this bar is truly one of a kind. A hidden gem of Prague, Bar and Books is definitely a great place to visit. 


With so many unique and wonderful things to do in Prague, it is certainly an exciting location to visit. From becoming a zoo keeper for a day to enjoying the luxuries of being a pilot, Prague is overflowing with unusual, fun-filled experiences. A destination full of hidden adventure, Prague is a city worth exploring, to save money off flights visit http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/Flights/Prague/.

By Maria Hubbard, an avid writer who loves writing travel articles.

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