Laidback Moments at Best Beaches in Australia

With lots of bests to its credit, the country and island of Australia seems to be a destination made for tourism only. And if it sounds exaggeration, then do visit this land blessed with best natural scenery, the most interesting wildlife and most adventurous scuba diving and snorkelling options. And if it is not enough, board a flight to Australia to find that the country is also decked with best beaches in the world.

Here we are acquainting you with best beaches in Australia.

Palm Beach (NSW):
Situated at the end of Sydney northern stretches of beaches, Palm Beach is one of the hot favourite among high heeled travellers. The beach is also admired for its great surfing options.

Hyams Beach (NSW):
This one of the whitest beaches in the country is situated in Jervis Bay. If you are planning to visit this land then you should wear sun as the reflection from the sun may cause nasty sunburn.

Four Mile Beach (QLD):
With a turquoise sea shore, warm sun and swaying palms, this beach in Port Douglas is a tourist paradise. The visitors come from the different corners of the world to spend some quality moments here.

Cottesloe beachCottesloe (Photo: Wikipedia)

Cottesloe Beach (WA):
Perth the isolated city in Australia is home to 19 great beaches, but Cottesloe Beach is most prominent among them. The beach is frequented by a large number of visitors round the year. The beach also offers some adventurous options. One can visit Indiana Tea House situated near beach.

Mission Beach (QLD):
The beach with azure water, white sand edged by vine forests is one of the most spectacular beaches in the country. Despite being hit by Cyclone Yasi in early 2011 the beach still retains its natural beauty. One should visit this beach from June through September to avoid marine stingers

Whitehaven Beach (QLD):
The beach may not be a surfing destination but it catches attention with its vast white stretches of sand and tranquil ambience. Just sit under a rainforest lining its shores and see the cruises approaching and leaving the shores.

Cable Beach Western AustraliaCable Beach (Photo: Wikipedia)

Cable Beach (WA):
This beach may be termed as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. With a good combination of sand, the sunsets and the surf the beach lining the red earth has a huge appeal among the beach bums. The best time to swim here is May through September, when marine stingers are negligible.

With a large number of spectacular beaches dotting the landscape of Australia the country never misses an opportunity to mesmerise you. Be a beach bum or test your guts with some adventurous activities you won’t have a moment of boredom while exploring these offerings of Australia tourism.

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