Living Like A Trendy Londoner

London is one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit. There is so much to see and do. Hoards of tourists and travellers flock to London each year and come away with photos of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to show their friends. But if you want to come away from your trip to London with stories to tell and new friends as well as a photo of the London Eye, then you won’t want to just visit London, but you will want to live like a trendy Londoner.

London is not just the political capital of the UK, but also the capital for art, fashion and music. There are lots of different emerging scenes in London, so if you know where to look you will be able to find a lifestyle that suits you.

If you like your designer boutiques, exclusive bars and to be snapped by the papz stumbling out of a nightclub on the arm of a celeb, then Chelsea is the place for you.

This affluent neighbourhood on the banks of the Thames is the home of the key players on the London party circuit. In Chelsea you are never far from a Michelin starred restaurant, owned by chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Tom Aikens.

Start your night out in Tonteria. This tequila bar serves delicious slammers and cocktails and a full range of different tequilas with the price of a bottle going up to £5,000. The next day when you can’t face the task of cooking and need somewhere relaxed to go, head to Tom’s Kitchen, Tom Aiken’s brasserie that focuses on reasonably priced, high quality relaxed dining and comfort food.

But if you prefer to be part of the latest fashions, music and art then you need to head east. East London is the where many of the latest movements begin. The area still maintains many of its cockney roots and a visit to Broadway Market will provide you with excellent cheap sustenance and you can sample some London classics such as pie and mash or jellied eels. Try F. Cooke in the market for a popular choice.

You will find a fantastic nightlife, with venues such as Nightjar combining live jazz with good cocktails. Many of the city’s most cutting edge art galleries are in East London, but there is no need to be inside to see some of the latest artwork. As you explore the streets you will notice some fantastic street art on the walls and urban furniture that are synonymous with the area.

Of course when you visit London you will want to meet people and have a real London experience. Instead of booking a hotel try renting a holiday flat in London. There are some fantastic unique and individual places for rent. You can find out from the host where all the local hotspots are and what the local scene is like. You can get to know your neighbours and become a part of the community, rather than just being a visitor.

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