Luxembourg: An Unforgettable City

You must have heard that Luxembourg is a major financial centre of Europe, and the world. A little known fact is that beside it being an economic powerhouse it is the last remaining ‘Grand Duchy’ in Europe which makes it a fascinating place to holiday.

Its capital is known globally as Luxembourg City and besides being a business hub it is extremely picturesque with a lush green countryside, and has a combination of classic European and modern architecture. With beautiful historic sites to visit, the city is divided into two sections. The city centre is a UNESCO Heritage Site and the other section is the downtown financial district.

If you plan a trip to Luxembourg you need not undergo the hassle of going in for a currency exchange as it has the Euro as its currency (being part of the European Union.) The climate is generally moderate throughout the year, although it is advisable to keep an umbrella handy, just in-case there is a sudden downpour! The tourist season is mainly Mid-April to October and if you are a wine connoisseur Mid-September would be an ideal time to visit when the Grevenmacher wine festival is held.

Commuting is relatively easy with a well developed transportation network and the most common languages spoken are German, French and English. You can hop on to a horse driven carriage for a few Euros and take a splendid laidback tour of the city which is highly recommended. For those who are keen on renting a car, they can be reasonably priced and you can drive around the city and explore it at leisure.

If you enjoy walking, you could set out on a trip across the city from the famed Wenzel Walk. It will take you through the pre-Victorian part of town where you will feel as if you have travelled back in time. Some wonderful tourist spots in the area include the Red stoned Castle Bridge, The Bock Promontory and Ulrich Church, which is counted as one of the oldest surviving churches in the world.

You can also wind your way through a maze of underground tunnels known as the Rock Casemates which has also been termed as “the Gibraltar of the North”. It is reputed to be the origin of the city of Luxembourg.  You can also visit the Luxembourg History Museum, especially if you have kids who will be excited by the interactive technology, besides being very interesting and educational.

With great cuisine, amiable citizens and wonderful sites, Luxembourg city must be on your tour itinerary the next time you plan to holiday in Europe. And with the New Year coming up, we think it is about time you started planning, don’t you?! Whatever time of year you decide to visit Luxembourg, you’ll have an unforgettable time and this city will forever hold a place in my heart, and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you; it’s a city that you can explore again and again.

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