Luxury And Romance In The Caribbean

caribbean romance

The lure of the Caribbean has enticed many people to visit over the years and the islands and waters surrounding them are still one of the top travel destinations in the world. The luxurious surroundings and romantic atmosphere of the region draws in many couples and there is much on offer for them to have an unforgettable vacation.

Ways to Enjoy the Caribbean

There are various options for those that want to have a romantic getaway. The golden sand and pristine water of the region make it a top destination to enjoy a beach vacation and most of the islands have luxury resorts located around their coastline. For those that don’t want to spend all day on the beach there are also inland resorts, with many situated on hillsides to offer stunning views of their beautiful surroundings. A cruise is another option and this can be a better choice for couples that want to see a little more of the region. A cruise liner will typically travel around a few of the islands during the course of a vacation so those traveling get the opportunity to see many of the Caribbean’s best sights.


A number of cruise companies operate around the Caribbean and these typically offer vacations from short 3 and 4 day weekend getaways to cruises that can last for two weeks and more. Some of the most luxurious to consider include Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Cruises and Silversea Cruises. These are only a few of the many offering Caribbean Cruises though and with a little searching those interested can find plenty of other companies that offer them. Cruise liners are typically spacious, provide luxurious surroundings and offer a variety of amenities to keep those traveling entertained. Depending on the length of the cruise they will make stops at a number of islands and offer passengers the chance to get off and see the sights.

Weddings & Honeymoon’s

The Caribbean is renowned as a romantic destination and it can be a fantastic location for a wedding or a honeymoon. Many resorts offer honeymoon packages, with islands such as Aruba, Anguilla and the Cayman Islands being considered some of the best for this type of vacation. Getting married at sea or having a honeymoon cruise is another option, with companies including Celebrity, Carnival and Royal Caribbean offering this type of romantic cruise for couples. This can be an excellent choice for those setting out in life together as a married couple. It is also an option for those looking for a romantic way to renew their vows.

A Caribbean adventure is a dream vacation from many people and this can be especially true for couples. The palm trees, golden beaches and crystal clear water provide a romantic setting that can make spending time together special. Whether staying on one of the many islands or traveling around them on a cruise ship it will be a vacation that remains in the memory as one of the best ever.

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