Maui Vacation Rentals By Owner vs Hotels – Real Life Experience! Learn from our mistake and don’t repeat it

Nellie's On Maui Vacation Rentals

My name is Jessy Gordon and today I want to share with you a real story that happened to me and my family during our vacations in the beautiful land of Hawaii.

Three years ago my husband and I decided that it was time to go on vacation in Maui again. Hawaii has always been our dream land and we have always wanted to visit it again and spend a week or two there, just us and our two lovely kids. So, as we woke up one cloudy Sunday in the not so sunny city of Chicago, IL, we thought we need a change. If you don’t know or haven’t been in Chicago it’s kind of depressing city because it’s really cloudy and cold most of the time. On the other hand – Hawaii is the opposite of Chicago – sun, endless summer, warm golden sand, it’s like you have found the Paradise on Earth.


Last summer we spent our holiday in Maui, so this is not our first time in Hawaii, but even thought it was disaster (I’ll share the Maui Vacation Rentals by Owner vs Hotels story in a moment) because of the people, Hawaii remained our dream vacation place. You probably wonder why it was a disaster, what went wrong and why we still want to go back there? Well, that’s kind of a long story but here’s the short version of it.

We booked an apartment in a Hotel (I won’t say which one, I don’t want to look like hate or something, because it’s not the case!), bought the flight tickets as well, packed up our luggage and left the very next day. The things went wrong from the start – there was a horrible storm in Chicago so we had to wait 4 hours because we couldn’t get on the plane. We landed in Hawaii, it was sunny day, it was warm, but not hot (I remember it like it was yesterday), we took a cab to the hotel and within 15 minutes we were there. Everything looked fine at first. The hotel was kind of big and it was 4 stars back then. My husband was playing with the kids while I had to deal with the receptionist. It turned out there was a mistake and the ocean view apartment we booked was already taken and guess what – there wasn’t another one. Another sign this wasn’t going to be a good vacation. I really wanted to stay positive so I didn’t make a scene or something and accepted their apology and settled for another apartment with no ocean view.

We went out for a dinner and when we came back we heard our neighbours – a huge group of teens having really loud party in the apartment next to ours. We tried to be kind and explain we want some relaxation and quite time to rest but the kids were there to have a party. Five days in a row they were super loud no matter if it was evening , morning or afternoon. It was horrible. We complained a few time to the receptionist but they couldn’t do much obviously.

This is what happens when you book a hotel apartment – neighbours. The island was great – the palms, the ocean, the weather, the nature and the whole beauty remained in our minds. This is the reason why we still wanted to go back there. It wasn’t the island that make us feel bad, it was the people! We’ve learn our lesson though – NO more hotels for us! If you want quite, relaxing time with your family, you need to find and book a private vacation rental. I wonder why we haven’t thought about that the first time.

We have close friends (Joe and Marry) that came from a vacation from Maui recently as well. They knew our story so they’ve learn from it as well. They booked a Maui vacation rental by owner (no agencies, no additional taxes) from a website called Nellie’s On Maui (the website is owned by Joy and Don Nelson). They were amazed by the private house they’ve stayed in, right on the beach.  And it wasn’t that expensive as they thought it would be. Not at all.

Long story short we stayed at the very same house and I have to tell you – it was marvellous! Quite time, amazing weather, the beach was right next to our house – you just go out of the house and there you go! The house was big, warm and bright! Exactly what we were looking for! Here’s a photo of our private home provided by Nellie’s on Maui.

Nellie's On Maui Vacation Rentals

So, if you wonder where you spend your vacation, Hawaii is the perfect place! We’re going there next year again! (I guess we can’t get enough of it! J ). Oh, and one more thing – whether or not you choose Nellie’s on Maui, please, do yourself a favour and double check the place you want to book before you do it. You don’t want to ruin your vacation just because you was lazy and haven’t done your homework.

Jessy Gordon

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