Money Saving Excursions: Sailing Down The River

Sailing the seven seas on a luxury liner is a glamorous way to kick back and relax. But, if you prefer to see towns, villages and stop in towns, villages and cities rather than being included in the next documentary on rogue waves, river cruises and short sailing excursions may be a better option.

There are a couple of different options when it comes to river cruise vacations.  First, you can take an excursions trip once you are in the country of choice or you can make the river cruise your vacation in its entirety.  Here is just a couple that we thought might tickle your imagination.

September in the World of the Tsars

 Since the demise of the Soviet Union, Russia opened its borders to tourism. This 12-day vacation is probably the biggest value for budget. Your round trip flight from the U.S. includes meals, drinks and in-flight entertainment – hard to find amenities on any flight today.

Your first experience starts with a fabulous dinner. Bring your walking shoes because you will be spending time on your feet visiting included tours of:

  • Staying on the 140-cabin ship – with air conditioning and private baths in each
  • Visits to the Hermitage Museum, Catherine’s Palace in Tsarkoye Selo – the palace complex of the last Tsar of Russia now called “Pushkin” – and Russia’s Versailles – a Russian Tea Ceremony in Kizhi
  • All meals are included – but you are on your own for snacks

Curiously, this river cruise is the same route that Tsar Alexander and his family took just months before they were tossed into captivity ending in their murder.

Yangtze River Cruise – 3 days 


Ideal way to see the hinterland regions of mainland China. The Yangtze turns a bright gold color after the seasonal rains as it dissects the country almost in the middle. View the majesty of Wu Gorge from the railed decks of the triple deck boat.

  • Includes your room, all meals, bottled water, and sightseeing stops en route
  • Pay by Master Card, Visa, American Express or use your PayPal account

If you plan a vacation to China or Hong Kong, this 3 day excursions offers memorable experiences found only in inland China.

Short, Shorter and Shortest Boat Excursions across the U.S.


Regardless of where you are vacationing – or residing if you live in the U.S. – there are budget friendly sailing, boating, and cruising trips. If you’re interested in getting your trip at the lowest cost possible, check out Sundance Vacations.

These are just a few that you may have missed.

  • Sail the Hudson  this 2-hour excursion is only $60 per person and all the money goes to offering credit classes for underserved youth in the area.
  • Chicago offers Champagne Brunch Excursions for $62 per person for a yacht cruise of the city’s skyline
  • Just outside Tampa and close to St. Petersburg, Florida you can score a Lunch cruise for only $42 or a Dinner Cruise for $70 – the lunch cruise lasts for 2 hours while the dinner cruise is up to 3 hours long – Clearwater’s Starlite Majesty Cruises offers a variety of boating trips – some are only $20


When you are looking for a cheap vacation or a way to see the sights without walking a hundred miles, try inland cruises or excursions.

I love travelling and have been to all fifty states. My ultimate dream is to visit every country in the world in my lifetime. I believe that travelling expands the mind and provides new perspectives. Along the way, I have found ways to save money, among them using specialized travel agencies, like Sundance Vacations.

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