Osaka a fun-loving young city of Japan

Byodo-In Temple

The third largest city of Japan is located in Kansai region of Honshu Island and is situated next to Yodo River alongside Osaka Bay and is divided into two main areas, the northern Kita region and in the south, the Minami areas. It is almost like Tokyo’s fun-loving younger brother with a definite taste for all good things in life. People are outgoing and fun-loving and the atmosphere of the city is colorful and vibrant which appeals to people of all ages. The city is known for its almost overwhelming dominance in producing comedians and on top of this Osaka is known for its good food as well which is quite evident by expression “Eat till you drop in Osaka”.

The whole city is decked with amazing restaurants and fine-dining establishments which offer good food at budget prices. The city combines few historical and cultural attractions with all the delights of a modern Japanese city which is indeed surpassed only by Tokyo as a showcase of Japanese urban phenomenon. So if one truly experience modern Japanese culture, then look no further to Osaka where there are number of fascinating cultural landmarks and excellent food which surely fascinates you to makes your journey the most memorable. So catch low fare flights to Osaka and get ready for all this fun and excitement.

The city is adorned with plenty of amazing attractions that you must visit while on your holiday trip.

Cultural landmark Osaka Castle

This is the landmark fortress of city which dates back to 1597 when Toyotami built it to outdo Azuchi Castle. Over the years the castle passed through different hands and is last renovated in 1997. It is now more of a museum then a castle and its top offers panoramic views of city. Osaka Castle Park is a large pleasant park with views of Osaka Castle and its huge moats and castle walls. It is one of the best places in Osaka to do hanami (cherry blossom viewing).The sight is well worth an hour of your day while strolling through the city.

Stroll through Dotonbori

Dotonbori is one of the most popular streets in Osaka. It is a single running street alongside Dotonbori Canal in Namba. A former red light district is now Osaka’s main shopping and entertainment area adorned with major retail and neon light restaurant thoroughfare. It is first and foremost, a major food city where hordes of people come to enjoy vast variety scrumptious dishes.

Visit Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

It is one of the oldest shrines in Japan which was founded in 211, before the Chinese architecture influenced the design of temples in Japan. The architecture of shrine is purely Japanese and it enshrines three gods, said to protect travellers, fishermen and sailors. It is one of the most visited shrines of city which especially remains packed during New Year.

Enjoy panoramic views from Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building It is only the 12th tallest building in Osaka and is the most iconic buildings of city. Twin 40-floor towers link at the top to form one of the oddest skyscrapers on record. The building features a rooftop observatory that offers panoramic views of city. It is not for people with a fear of heights. The basement features a market that creates the atmosphere of Osaka of earlier 20th century. So make a plan and book low cost flight tickets and enjoy a visit to delightful city of Japan.

Enjoy an escape at Mino Park

Mino Park is a good place that offers a great escape from bright and flashy lights of city. It is only 30 minutes from the city with hiking trails and a waterfall which passes through several small temples. It is a good place to see autumn colors in the second half of November.

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