Partying from Miami to Ibiza

As a young woman, I love to go on holiday and see many amazing different things, and absorb great things about different cultures. Whether it is from cruises, to girls’ getaways or the romantic breaks I take with my partner – I always make the most of it. During my many holidays, nightlife has played a key factor in what I enjoy, and even though it is a hit song Miami 2 Ibiza, it has to be said that this gave me a great idea, and so far the two places I have found to be the best to party in – are Miami and Ibiza.


My personal favourite nightclub in Miami has got to be Mansion. The building’s original purpose was for it to be a cinema, but the potential the place had must have been spotted. It is not cheap though! Admission when I went was approximately $20-30, and I was paying around $8-12 per drink, but the experience made it so worth it! The two rooms offer a variety of hip hop, house and progressive, and the VIP area is gorgeous. There is nearby parking and the venue regularly has celebrity hosts – and so is not a party to be missed!

The admission price of $20-30 does appear to be standard across the popular clubs in Miami, though, and it is easy to see why people are willing to pay it – the place is incredible and really does come alive at night.

Another nightspot that I really did love was Cameo. The entire place is extremely shiny and trendy, and is more filled with wealthy men and women in their 30’s than anybody else. In the early evening, Cameo is a great place to just hand out and sip and enjoy quiet drinks. The food as well is incredible, though the service leaves a hell of a lot to be desired! However, by the time 11pm comes around, it’s full of well dressed, suited and booted men and women ready to party a hard weeks’ work away.

One thing too, that I will hand to Miami, is that the party spirit well and truly lives on in almost every single bar and club until dawn – with most places staying very much open until around 5am. What could be nicer too, than painting the town red in such a beautiful holiday resort?


Now everyone knows that Ibiza is the world’s party capital, and when you pay it a visit there really is no disputing the fact! Pretty much everyone has heard of nightclub Pacha, and when you step through the doors, you will always remember its name, too! It is crammed full of passionate clubbers who really are only there to party, and there are ample opportunities to brush shoulders with celebs!  Famous for its strict house music policy, it is the only place open year-round! The dancers dazzle in gorgeous costumes and the world famous DJs make it a night to remember – and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. It does have a sting in its tail though – with an admission fee of €40 – 75.

One thing I will suggest is you have to explore the variety that Ibiza offers you – and if you love to party, there will be no disappointments as far as even just walking into a random bar are concerned – there really are almost too many! You could start in the Rock Bar; full of famous DJs and oozing coolness. The cocktails are probably the best I’ve ever had. Or maybe La Cava is more the way you like to start your evening – with modern tapas dishes and cheap cold beers to get you warmed up for the night ahead, and you will need your dancing energy!

Whichever way that you do it, though, partying hard seems to be the choice made by many visitors in Ibiza, and it is so easy to get sucked into the excitement and follow the crowd.

Whether or not you visit both in the same trip, or take months or years between them, I personally would say that Miami is almost like a warm-up for Ibiza. Both cool, both trendy and both set to make you some incredible memories.

They are easy to visit just for a holiday, but as they are so popular among British tourists, it would be rude for me to not point out that these epicentres for partying are included in many cruise holidays – even cruises from Southampton. Better yet, why not fly to Miami, live it up and cruise from Miami to visit many other beautiful and exciting places!

However you do it though, if you are a party animal, these places truly are unmissable.

Roll on Ibiza 2013!

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