Planning a summer family vacation

Believe it or not this is the time of year you need to start giving serious consideration to your family vacation this summer. When it comes to picking a place that will make you and all the other members of your travelling entourage happy (from little kids to picky teenagers). It can be difficult to find a resort or hotel that you think fits the needs of everyone in your group at a price you can afford but there are some things to look for that can help you make that all important decision.

1) Amenitiescaptains_quarters_waterpark

All hotels are going to have your standard amenities- an outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi or two, a gym and probably a small arcade. But, if you’re looking for a resort that is really ready to cater to a family vacation look for more than just that. There are resorts, like this Myrtle Beach family resort, that go way beyond a dingy arcade and a lukewarm pool. They have large waterscapes, lazy rivers, bowling alleys, full-size arcades and more. Its resorts like that that know how to make sure the kids have a good time, as well as the adults.

2) Location
Pretty much everyone wants to be near the ocean during their vacation and it is pretty easy to see that simply by looking up the hotel address. But you need to be careful with how far away you’re willing to get from the ocean for a price. Sometimes a block or two away can be the difference between a tourist center and a not-great part of town and other times it can be perfectly fine so do your research about the surrounding area. You also want to be close to attractions and restaurants. No one likes to drive in an area they don’t really know so try to pick a resort that has a few things within walking distance.

3) Deals
Aside from the deals on the rooms themselves, resorts that really cater to families will also have some deals with local restaurants and attractions. These hotels understand and care about the fact that a resort alone doesn’t make up the entirety of a vacation and they want to do what they can try to help you out with the other important parts of your vacation. They usually have a group of restaurants or attractions that are close by and work to offer a discount to guests staying at their hotels. So make sure to look around for any mention of a discount on the resorts website and be sure to ask about those deals again when you check in so you can be sure to use it correctly.

Those are just some of the things to look out for to make your vacation this summer the best it can be.

Gina Vasselli is a writer living in Myrtle Beach. She writes about Myrtle Beach vacations, food, shopping and more.

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