Road Trip Tips!

If you are planning on going on a road trip soon, then there are some things which you need to plan ahead for! You need to ensure that your car is in order to drive and that you have everything you need with you for while you are away!

Essential Things to Pack for a Road Trip

  • Satnav! Whether you are planning on just going on the road and seeing where it takes you or following a set route, a satnav is essential! If you find that you are lost in an area you do not know, or when it comes to getting home, you will always need to rely on a satnav for your own safety! Just make sure you bring the charger with you!
  • Travel Information! If you are planning on staying in a hotel overnight whilst on your road trip and have pre-booked your hotel, then ensure you bring the reservation documents! The last thing you want is to turn up to the hotel and get turned away!
  • Extra money! Make sure you bring plenty, as if you come over any problems whilst you are on your road trip; you want to ensure that you have money to back you up! If you have any car trouble and you are far away from home, you may have to book yourself into a hotel until you can get a recovery car or your car fixed! Plus you may find you need plenty of money for parking whilst you are away!
  • First Aid Kit! You never know what might happen while you are on the road. It is always useful to carry a little first aid kit around with you in your car. This should include paracetamol, plasters, and clinical wipes.
  • Appropriate Clothing! You never know what is going to happen with the weather, and as you are travelling there is more chance you will see a wide variety of different weather! You should bring light clothes but also bring a warm jacket and waterproofs to protect you from any colder weather and rain!

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

  • You need to be entirely sure that your car will be able to handle long journeys! If you have any doubt that your car may struggle then you could always consider¬†personal car leasing! You could get a newer car to rent for the duration of your trip!
  • If you believe that your car can travel long journeys then you need to ensure that your car is safe and road worthy!
  • Check your tyres! You need to check the tyre pressure and tread depth. If you have any problems with your tyres then you should bring your car into a garage before leaving on your road trip.
  • You will also need to check the fluid levels in your car. You will need to check the engine coolant, brake fluid and oil levels.¬† If any of the fluids are low, you will need to top it up with the required fluid. If you are unsure how to check or top up the fluids then you should bring your car to a garage before you begin travelling.

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