Rome Travel Guide For The First Time Visitor

Rome, Italy’s Eternal City  –  rich  in history, famed for its adventurous culture and  conquering spirit. There is so much to see and absorb for first time visitors, that a  Rome travel guide is necessary to be introduced to the major sights, sounds, and  smells of this glorious and popular vacation destination.

Before leaving to take in the delights of Rome, however, a reminder is needed: don’t forget to be covered by travel insurance (, so that details such as lost luggage won’t get in the way of your total enjoyment of Rome.


When in Rome…


There’s a  saying that goes “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” While the original intent of this saying was to remind visitors to honor and abide with the customs and traditions of their host society, it now serves as a more fun-filled invitation to celebrate life the way that these Italians do.


Italians are well-known for their delectable food, the way they embrace art and culture in its various forms, and  their wondrous vineyards which have enabled  them to come in second in the production of fine wines.


Behind all these sparkling allure, however, is the historic backdrop of Rome as a city that could be said to have been cruel at the height of its power. This Rome travel guide recommends visiting the remains of what used to be symbolic of a massive and aggressive world conqueror.


Gladiators, Goats, and Gardens


Films and television series have made a figurative  killing  with the literal killings that went on during the time of Roman emperors and gladiators. Modern day visitors who are fortunate enough to have access to a competent Rome travel guide will surely delight in visits to the arenas, and the Ampitheatrum Flavium, more popularly known as the  Colosseum, the scene of then-seemingly endless combats between gladiators against fellow gladiators and all sorts of wild animals.


Although only ruins stand to remind visitors of the extensive clash of barbarity and sophistication that went on during those long-ago Roman times, it doesn’t take much  to imagine the ferocious battles that went on and be thankful that we no longer live in such whimsically cruel times where the slight nod or downturned thumb of an Emperor could mean prolonged torture or instant death.


On a lighter note, Rome is also  noteworthy for the unusually smooth blending of traditional rural life and high-powered modern delights. First time visitors should not miss Monte Testaccio, where goats placidly chew on grass above dance clubs that are a riot at night, exploding with heart-thumping techno music.


For the more sedately-inclined visitor, Rome’s breathtaking architectural wonders and the winding streets can be cause for losing track of time, as well as even wandering off from one’s companions. That could be a  major headache  if you happen to have a medical condition, so make sure that you have travel insurance, so that you’ll be prepared for almost any unforeseen event.


However, you can recover your sense of serenity by visiting splendid reconstructions of ancient Roman gardens, such as that  found in House of the Vettii in Pompeii.


Second Visit… and More


The immensity of the attractions that Rome offers sadly cannot be fully accommodated  in a single visit. If you can spare the time and the resources, this Rome travel guide recommends that you plan for a second visit and more, as soon as your first visit has been completed. Do this, so that your memories will still be fresh, and you will be able to make a checklist of all the places that you wanted to see, but weren’t able to.



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